List Of Top 7 Players So Far In The History Of IPL

Since 2008, the world has seen many great players play in the most prestigious T20 league in the world, IPL.

With all the glitz and glamour every year, IPL has produced many memorable batting performances, deadly bowling spells and athletic fielding by players across the globe.

But the biggest question that still arises, that which players can be included in the top 10 list of players among all of them. The players stand apart from the rest by giving several match-winning moments.

After verifying all the statistics from the very start of the league, we have made the following list of the top 10 players in the entire history of the IPL. For us, these players are the most relevant candidates on this list. If you have any kind of confusion, you can easily see the cricket live video free and Indian domestic cricket news on various streaming websites to see their match performances in real.

  1. Suresh Raina

If anyone is not a regular IPL viewer, even he knows the contribution of this player to his team CSK and as well as for the entire IPL. Suresh Raina is also called the “Mr IPL” by most critics because of his sheer performances throughout his entire career.

Suresh Raina is the highest run-getter in IPL history, with 2,802 runs at an average of 35.02 and a destructive strike rate of 141.37. These stats further prove that he is a genius regarding the IPL. His highest score is 100, not-out for the Chennai Super Kings.

In IPL, Raina’s wicket is considered priceless for any opponent team. But now he is pretty old and retired from international cricket, which is why his recent performances also dropped a bit. For this reason, he remains unsold in the auction for the 2022 season.

  1. Lasith Malinga

Mumbai Indians without Lasith Malinga or vice-versa could not be imagined at one time. He was one of the most excellent death-over specialities that IPL has ever encountered. Scoring runs against him in the final overs became a nightmare for any batsman because of his extreme accurate yorkers. He was pretty fast, and his yorkers are deadly, but sometimes he used to mix these with slow balls, which confused the batters.

Lasith Malinga was not available to play in the first season of the IPL, but still, he was able to take more than 100 wickets in his IPL career. But the most extraordinary fact about his stats was his economy rate, which was just 6.54 but bowling during the most challenging part of any T20 match, and this stands him apart from the rest of any bowler. His career-best figure was five wickets in 4 overs by just giving out 13 runs only. 

  1. Amit Mishra

Amit Misra never became that successful in blue jersey, but his IPL records are staggering. To date, he played for three different franchises and took 95 wickets at an excellent economy rate of 6.94.

In his entire career, he produced many match-winning performances, but due to his bad luck, he never used to play regularly in every match for any team he played. But seeing his ability, Mishra can surely reach his 100-wicket milestone in the coming seasons. 

  1. Andre Russell

In simple words, the most destructive all-rounder in IPL to date. He started his IPL carer for the Delhi team but never got a chance to showcase his talent there. 

After coming to KKR, people all over the globe came to know about his sheer prowess in this format. In IPL, he played over 80 matches and scored 2035 runs with a monstrous strike rate of 177.
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88 and 89 wickets, most of which came in death overs. 

His records effortlessly showcased him as the best destructive all-rounder in IPL history.

  1. Chris Gayle

Chris Gayle, famously known as the “Universe Boss”, was the most fearsome opener in world cricket. In his IPL career, he played for three teams: KKR, RCB and PBKS.

In his career, he has scored 2,512 runs at a very dominant strike rate of 160.20. Gayle still holds the record of scoring the most runs in an innings, 175 not out against Pune Warriors in 2013.

Gayle undoubtedly was one the most potent and successful West Indian players who once ruled the IPL by his sheer dominance over the bowlers. But still, he has not announced his retirement from IPL, so we have a chance to witness his greatness again in the coming seasons.

  1. Gautam Gambhir

The name Gambhir always resembles a perfect captain with solid batting skills at the top of the order. He was the man behind building the Kolkata Knight Riders team from scratch, and he was a leader which every team needs to date. Gambhir was not just a batsman but a player who could lead the team from the front in any situation.

In his entire IPL career, Gambhir scored 2471 runs with a respectable average of 31.67. His international career was never in the limelight, but his performances were outstanding. He was not just an ordinary player but a leader who wanted to lead the team to success. 

  1. Sachin Tendulkar

Once a prime player and now the icon of Mumbai Indians, Sachin Tendulkar, do not need any introduction. Wherever he played in his career, he never disappointed his fans. Sachin was a genius and will remain forever.
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His IPL career was not that different at all, scored 2,334 at a solid average of 34.83 at the opening position. His highest score was 100, not out, which came against the Kochi Tuskers Kerala in 2011.

He was purely a test batsman, but his class always proved that he was a player of all formats. All cricket fans still remember his dominance over all the formats to date.

These are the players who deserved to be on this list for their contribution to the teams and to the entire tournament.

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