Most accurate New88 World Cup predictions for 2024 matches

World Cup prediction 2024 with qualifying matches held in Asian countries to find the teams entering the next round. The article is below New88hg Share information and reveal the safest direction when participating in soccer betting. Follow along now to make the most accurate prediction about the results.

World Cup match schedule in 2024

Currently, qualifying competitions are taking place for 46 teams in the Asian region to find 8 lucky teams to participate in predicting the 2026 World Cup. In particular, qualifying round 1 ended in November 2023 and preparations for the 2026 World Cup round are taking place. Type 2 in March 2024.

From September 14 to October 6, matches will take place with a total of 26 teams at home stadium Uzbekistan. As soon as there is a specific match schedule, players can participate World Cup prediction at bookmaker New88.

Instructions for participating in World Cup soccer betting at New88

The 2024 World Cup tournament after the qualifying round takes place with 26 teams from many countries on different continents. In particular, each team has its own strengths and equal chances of winning. However, you need to find a safe direction to make the most accurate decision. Let’s learn about World Cup tournaments through the sharing below.       

Predict the winning rate of strong teams

In the 2024 World Cup season, compete with many strong and equal teams. After passing the qualifying rounds on the continents, they will continue to the next round to begin competing for tickets to the finals.

In the Asian region, highly rated teams include Uzbekistan, UAE, Japan, Korea… In particular, the Japanese team has many players playing in West Asia and Asia, so it will have an advantage over the remaining countries.

World Cup predictions for home team

The home team Uzbekistan is also highly appreciated for possessing many quality players. Currently, this team is practicing actively to prepare for the tournament. With home field advantage, their mentality will be more comfortable. Putting Uzbekistan in a strong team is necessary to predict the result.

However, you also need to observe and evaluate the actual playing situation of the home team to get the best results. Information such as history of previous matches and players on the team is very important.

Refer to predictions from experts

To improve the chances of winning, players can also refer to predictions from experts. Currently, the German team is highly appreciated because coach Klinsmann returned to lead, in 2006 this team was ranked 3rd thanks to his talent. This coach also helped the US team win the Concacaf Gold Cup.

According to World Cup prediction In fact, the Syrian team is also highly appreciated when led by coach Hector Cuper. He brought Valencia to the UEFA Champions League final along with the team’s good performance recently, resulting in worthy expectations. Besides, the 2022 defending champion should not miss out because he possesses many advantages.

Accurate online World Cup predictions

Football is an exciting sport and things can change during a match that the player did not expect before. Therefore, when predicting results, you need to analyze popular World Cup soccer bets to find out the actual situation, and should not make this decision based on a few comments.

Please combine the information collected with football prediction experience. Assessing the actual situation based on monitoring the matches the team participates in is also very important.
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Experience predicting the World Cup effectively at New88

To make the most accurate predictions about the results of World Cup matches, you can refer to the tips shared by the experts below.

  • Find out carefully the information of the 26 teams that will participate in the tournament, especially the confrontation history, players, performance in recent matches, and coaches.
  • In the official match officials of previous matches.
  • Choose a reliable source to consult and comment before participating.
  • Always maintain a stable mentality throughout the analysis and prediction process to ensure accuracy. 

It can be seen that this is a prestigious tournament that is loved by many people and attracts the attention of members. Let’s follow and wait for the results in October to cheer for your favorite team.

Above are the instructions World Cup prediction of bookmaker New88 you can refer to when placing bets. Don’t forget side information such as the competition situation, history and performance of the player along with home field advantage to get the best results.

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