Netflix & chill: the best poker shows worth watching

Well, who doesn’t like to laze around and binge-watch series after series or movies after movies on OTT platforms? Speaking of binge-watching, Netflix has to be the showstopper of the discussion. Being one of the largest and viral OTT platforms, Netflix has become a cult fashion for streaming movies and series.

Now when it comes to picking your preferable content to watch on Netflix, there are plenty. However, to satiate the player in you, the platform offers some fascinating poker movies.

If you are an avid fan of the poker game or just curious about it, these poker movies on Netflix are worth every second you spend over it. They are highly enjoyable and make it more thrilling for you if you are a regular or occasional poker player.

One of the most notable points in these movies is the poker players’ depiction and the intensifying situations they go through.

And thus, this article brings you the five most-watched, rated, and loved poker movies on Netflix. So, before you click here to play now, take a quick detour to the world of best poker movies on Netflix.

Win It All – 2017

This Netflix original is an excellent take on the gambling addicts from a comic angle. The lead of the movie, Jake Johnson, rebuilds his life after the event in which he gambles away ,000 not belonging to him.
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Events go upside down when his friend drops a duffel bag at his house, loaded with banknotes, and asks him to look after it while being sent to prison.

This movie is a sheer must-watch with abundant humor and resemblances to the poker game’s characteristics.

KidPoker – 2015

Pictured in documentary style, KidPoker is a biopic on the Award-Winning Canadian professional poker player, Daniel Negreanu. The film revolves around how he engaged himself with the poker game, thereby shooting to fame for the same. Laddering up to the poker success, we get to see the backstory of how it all started.

Indeed a great work of art, the movie will keep you hooked and show the unmasked side of a real poker player, maintaining composure and beating the hurdles in his way.HD movies download from Madrasrockers

Cold Deck – 2015

Under the thriller genre, this movie is an absolute mind gripper. The script narrates the tale of a compulsive gambler who agrees to rob a high-stakes poker game hosted by a wealthy banker named Turk.
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Bobby, the gambler, is infamous for his consistent loss’s history in the poker game and thus seeks help from a local gangster to pull off the heist plan.

When Bobby gets away with the money successfully, Turk hunts him down for revenge, thereby making it a perfect suspense potboiler filled with a cliffhanging turn of events.

Aping the excitement and the unknowingness of what decisions lead to what results in the poker game, this movie truly gets you on the edge of your seat.

Killing Them Softly – 2012

Richly cast and loaded with stimulating moments of thrill, this movie can’t stay out of your watch list. The pilot projects the fictional story in which a mob-protected poker game is faced with a heist by three people who are simply nobodies. Lead star Brad Pitt is in charge of this case and must restore order as an enforcer.

Playing crucial roles in the story, part of the mob’s efforts, Ray Liotta and the Soprano’s James Gandolfini show how they are no easy muppets to be messed with.

Having the mentioned super casts, this movie is an absolute rollercoaster ride rushing on the fuel of adrenaline.
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The movie’s poetic effort on the world of gambling, poker, and crime is commendable and leaves a mark on your memory canvas.

Ocean’s franchise – 2001, 2004, 2007

No doubt, this had to be there on the list!

If you enjoy to the fullest while playing poker with your opponents, friends, or family, this movie is a must-watch for you. The thrill and excitement of the game have been so essentially extracted and splashed on the movie’s canvas that it has to say cheers to the poker in you.

The trilogy is inspired by its original movie, Ocean’s 11, released in 1960, starring Rat Pack and Frank Sinatra.

The first adaptation of the movie includes the planning of a three-casino heist after the prison release of the lead character, Danny Ocean, which George Clooney portrayed. While the second release of this franchise pictures how the Ocean gang is being blackmailed and chased by one of the casino owners from whom they had stolen earlier and, in pursuit, to pay off the debt, how multiple heists are carried out simultaneously.

The final part of the franchise is all about how the Ocean gang hatches a plan that will botch up the new grand casino’s opening night and gets challenged by the stakes of being caught up for the same.

Score them All!

Thus, now that you know the best poker movies of all time on Netflix go ahead and watch them all to celebrate the poker player in you!

Share with your friends and family too, or plan a movie night with them to make this even more fun and exciting.

So the next time you play a game of poker after you have watched these movies, for sure, it’s going to be one level up on the excitement scale.

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