Potty Training Tools For Babies

Toilet training can be done in a matter of days!

That said, teaching toilet training is more difficult than weaning. Actually, potty training is not complicated, but it does take time, effort, and patience.

Children need consistency, support, affection, and praise at this time…

They also need to be understood if they suddenly make mistakes such as wetting the bed.

Keep in mind, though,

…scolding or punishing him can make it take longer for the child to pass toilet training or even make him give up using the toilet and find it challenging to get rid of disposable diapers.

These eight tools can make it easier for you to teach toilet training..
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A Must-Have Potty Training Tools

Potty or Toilet Seat

There are various tools for toddlers to practice potty training before using the original toilet.

Two of them are potty chairs and toilet seats.

The potty chair is a mini version of the toilet for toddlers. He can sit and pee on it because the potty has a holder. After your little one has finished peeing or pooping, you can clean the container.

The other option is the potty seat, which can be installed in the toilet seat so that your little one can sit comfortably without getting stuck in the big toilet.

If your little one can go potty on his own using a toilet seat, then we recommend you buy a small ladder to climb to the toilet quickly.

But the funny thing is, you need to flush the toilet to get rid of the dirt. No need to clean the container!

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Training Pants

Training pants are pants that transition from disposable diapers to underwear. It is shaped like a pantyhose with a light padding sewn in the middle.

Training pants can absorb pee, but not as good as diapers…
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Your kid will feel wet and uncomfortable when peeing in his pants, so he will ask to use the toilet.

On the other hand, training pants can accommodate pee that is already out until the child arrives at the restroom.

The best part? These pants can be washed and used repeatedly and are suitable for use during the day and night.

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You can buy him cute underwear after the child has successfully used the potty or toilet ten or more times.

Let your little one choose underwear with his favorite picture or color to make your little one even more excited.

Easy to use pants are the best for little potty users!

For children who are learning to use the toilet independently, you need to dress them in loose pants with elastic waistbands that are easy to put on and take off.

It can be a dress or skirt too… 

Clothes with buttons or zippers that are difficult for your little one to open can frustrate him when he goes to the toilet and can even lead to incidents of peeing in his pants.

Toilet Training Book

The toilet training book for children has cute illustrations that will make it easier to understand how to use the toilet.

In fact, this book can also be taken to the bathroom and read while the child is sitting on the toilet.

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Cleaning Tool

In the first days of toilet training, your little one may repeatedly wet the bed or the floor.

Equipment for cleaning such as rags, mops, floor cleaning fluid, wet disinfectant wipes, and buckets must always be available.

You also need to prepare a carpet cleaner if you have a carpet.

Potty Training Rewards

Kids love rewards, like stickers… Moms can use it to get your little one excited to pee in the toilet.

The trick is to post a poster containing a cute chart with a date or day indicator near the toilet.

Every time your little one manages to pee in the toilet, he can put a sticker. After sticking a certain number of stickers, he can get a reward.

For example, 3 successful days without wetting, he may eat chocolate. Or, if your little one has passed toilet training for a month, he will be invited to a recreation area.

Waterproof Sheets

Children may unconsciously wet the bed during the day or night. To prevent getting dirty sheets, you can use waterproof sheets.

Bedwetting, vomit, dust, and mites cannot penetrate the mattress, and these sheets are easy to clean.

You can also use a swab under your toddler’s bottom while sleeping to prevent urine from penetrating the sheets and mattress.

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