Rick Scott Accuses Government of Causing Inflation Due To Wrong Spending

Sen. Rick Scott, from Florida, has accused the present Biden Government of their handling of the economy for which  Americans must be furious. The agenda adopted by President Biden will further worsen the inflation in the country and put the nation under further debt.
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During a short appearance, on the channel of “Fox News Sunday,” Scott had alleged to the host of the program Chris Wallace, Democrats are engaged in debating their multi-trillion-dollar bill for spending, while in reality, they are doing almost nothing to contain the skyrocketing inflation, which is only going to worsen the situation even further.

According to the statement given by Sen.
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Rick Scott, whatever the present Biden Government saying will create a lot of problems particularly the poor population of the country. The price of gas has already increased by 55%, food prices in the grocery store are going up.

All these have been caused due to Government spending. Due to inflation, parents of school children are paying more, the military is not getting the required fund and Democrats are not at all concerned about that. They are not taking proper care of Americans.

In another incident, Rick Scott just declined to make any comment where a Trump-backed Pennsylvania candidate Sean Parnell was alleged to have choked his wife after calling her a “whore” and also hitting their kids.

The wife of Parnell, Laurie Parnell was reported to have filed a divorce petition against Seal Parnell for his behavior. Parnell has however denied the charge as reported in the media.

In the light of the above incident, Keilar had asked Sen Scott on Monday about this allegation against Parnell and also asked whether he still believes whether Parnell will be the “right candidate” to contest for the coming election. Scott however, declined to answer, by saying that he is neither supporting and nor opposing any people in primaries.

A few months back Rick Scott was in the news due to his Political Consultant Scott Cooper Miami was alleged to have been involved in holding a penis shaped piece of ice next to one female mannequin.

Cooper however denied the charge. Cooper stated that it was a harmless picture taken by one of his teammates while he was participating in a certain Memphis competition. Cooper said that he often spends his spare time working as a barbecue chef, and it was during that moment someone just clicked that picture in a light-hearted mood.
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Since the picture was quite funny and hence he uploaded it online and the whole thing was blown out of proportion. A simple harmless picture was given a sexy color and the name of  Cooper, as well as Scot, was maligned.

All this was nothing but just to politically malign the Senator of Florida by his political opponent according to Cooper.

Cooper claims that despite the fact the photograph was removed at his request, one of his numerous adversaries in Tallahassee is again distributing it in an attempt to discredit him.

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