Single Station T-shirt Printer-How To Choose It According To Your Needs?

shirt printers are divided into single-station T-shirt printers, double-station T-shirt printers and multi-station T-shirt printers. What are the approaches to pick out a single station T-shirt printer? Many novices will ask this question. Some of the humans who purchase T-shirt printers are self-employed, some are bought by way of processing plants, and some are used via themselves, however they will discover that extra than 90% of human beings are now not T-shirt printers these days Too grasped, and some even do now not recognize at all. After greedy the records and consulting numerous manufacturers, the extra you listen, the extra careworn you become. What is the way to purchase a T-shirt printer?

1. We favor to set up that shopping for a computer is an investment

Single station T-shirt printer laptop charges tens of hundreds of dollar much less and thousands of hundreds more. What you purchase no longer solely relies upon on the first-rate of the computing device itself, however additionally relies upon on the processing technological know-how of the computing device and the provider objects of the machine. For example, there are many types of T-shirt printers, which include UV T-shirt printers. , T-shirt printing machines, etc., purchase one of a kind machines in accordance to the discipline you choose, let’s speak about industrial manufacturing T-shirt printer income market is no longer a best income market, the desktop is additionally an immature commodity, most of which are T-shirt printers imported from remote places are refitted. Different producers have unique satisfactory of the machines, and the substances used are additionally considerable however different.

2. After-sales protection provider of the machine

Everyone buys a computing device for investment, and it is additionally for the higher manufacturing of goods. In the long-term work of desktop production, some small issues will inevitably occur. At this moment, it relies upon on the after-sales protection provider stage of the manufacturer. Some producers have after-sales service. The upkeep carrier group of workers are greater technical and professional, and have extra work experience. Some after-sales provider body of workers are totally novices and recognize very little. For example, the after-sales carrier of Printing has a lot of work experience.

3. Need to see the processing technological know-how of single-station T-shirt printer

After deciding on the pleasant of the machine, we want to seem at the processing science of the T-shirt printer. What does this processing technological know-how refer to? Some human beings desire to say, “Is the processing technological know-how no longer the exceptional of the T-shirt printer?” In fact, it is not. On the one hand, the exceptional of the desktop is good, and the software and renovation will be very convenient, however we additionally want to seem at the different side. , many strategies of making use of the machine, the patent rights of the machine, etc., simply like the product manual.

Basic information of single-station T-shirt printer purchase. Many buddies desire to purchase a T-shirt printing machine, however they are no longer acquainted with the machine. .

1. Well-known manufacturers of engines

Can use Epson, you can additionally use Mutoh’s, the genuine impact of epson mannequin printing is greater detailed, appropriate for exceptional twill. The printing ink dots of the Mutoh engine are barely larger, and the velocity is two instances quicker than that of the Epson engine, which is appropriate for hard fabric such as denim.

2. Which inks are used? What are the characteristics? What is the distinction between it and different inks?

The extra-ordinary kind of printing water-soluble fabric ink is no longer effortless to motive nozzle blockage, and the nozzle existence span is greater than two years. Compared with different ordinary water-soluble inks, fabric inks include a little collagen fiber.
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According to air-drying or high-temperature ironing, the ink dries and solidifies on the floor of the clothes.

C (dark blue) M (bright red) Y (light yellow) K (grey black), W (milky white). Milky white is no longer advocated for application. There are textures on the floor of the fabric cloth. Generally, four hues can be used to acquire photo-level true effects, and there is no want to use eight colors.
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3. Printing process:

Milky white or light-colored T-shirt process: ironing, printing, ironing and drying three tactics can be carried out. Dark T-shirt technique (must be prepared): ironing the air compressor earlier than spraying, the answer is ironed and dried, the white ink is printed once, and the coloration ink is ironed and dried once.

4. Is there a shift in printing 10 times?

Generally relies upon on the precision of the T-shirt DTG printer. Repeatedly print out 10 times, no problem, simply fine.

5. How to locate

According to software program positioning. Some right machines can additionally be adjusted manually.

6. How is the use of white ink in the income market? How to deal with darkish T-shirts?

Domestic white ink and imported white ink, the home white ink paint has negative adhesion, the glue penetrates, the colour is now not vivid enough, and it is no longer effortless to plug the nozzle. The imported white ink paint has sturdy adhesion, however it is convenient to plug the nozzle.

The above are some methods about purchasing a single station t-shirt printer, I hope to help you.

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