The Best Lotteries in Spain

Are you excited to play top lotteries in Spain but not sure about the best options available? In this article, we are going to consider the top best lotteries in Spain based on user reviews and the prizes. All of these lotteries are run by authentic organizations and have a great reputation in local and global lotto markets. Everything related to playing lotteries in Spain is covered in this article. Whether you are a foreign lotto player or a local lotto enthusiast, this article will help you to choose the best options for playing lotto games.

Best Lotteries in Spain

In Spain, there are many lottery giants that are ruling the industry. You will probably find the Bonoloto lottery on the top positions but here are some other popular lotteries too. These lotteries are suggested by considering different factors like security, prizes, payment methods, and user reviews. Your choice of the best lottery in Spain may vary from the given list. Here are some big names with jackpot amount in the Spanish lotto market:

  • EuroMillions Spain: €200 million

  • La Primitiva: €101.7 million

  • Eurojackpot: €92 Million

  • El Gordo: €33 million

  • Bonoloto: €7.6 million

Can Foreigners Play Lottery in Spain?

A few years back, Spanish lotteries did not allow foreigners to play Spanish lotteries. With the increasing demand, now many lotteries like Eurojackpot lottery allow foreign players to participate in the local lotteries. Anyone can buy lottery tickets online and play Spanish lotto as per the laws. Spanish lottery sites accept top payment methods so you can pay as per your ease. According to Spanish laws, both residents and foreign lottery winners will have to pay the taxes for the jackpot amount.

How to choose the best Spanish Lottery?

When there is such a wide range of lottery sites, choosing the best Spanish lottery can be complicated. We have listed 4-5 most popular lotteries in Spain so it’s up to you for the selection of the best lotto site. While buying tickets for any lottery, choosing the safest lottery site must be a top priority. Just considering the jackpot prize is not a wise way to choose the best lottery. This rule is not just for Spanish lotteries but security must be the top priority in every region. Here are some factors to consider while buying tickets for the best lottery in Spain:

  • Safety and security

  • Availability of many draws

  • Responsive customer support

  • Easy navigation through site

  • Advanced mobile app with all features

  • Stable lotto software

  • Different local and global payment methods

There are many other factors that someone might consider for the selection of the best Spanish lottery. Always go for the licensed lottery sites because these registered companies are legally bound to entertain the players as per law.


As the demand for online lottery sites is growing, you can also become part of this industry. Not only as a player but entrepreneurs can launch their own lottery websites too. In the whole process, make sure you are dealing with authentic and legitimate companies to avoid any fraud or scam.

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