The history of the Copa del Rey

The Copa del Rey is the premier domestic cup competition in Spanish football. Don’t forget to try online sports betting Nigeria has all matches from this great competition too.

The tournament has a long and storied history, dating back to 1903, and has become one of the most prestigious and sought-after trophies in Spanish football.

The Copa del Rey was originally known as the Copa de la Coronación, and was established to commemorate the coronation of King Alfonso XIII of Spain. At 1xBet Nigeria you can try online sports betting on the modern editions of this tournament too. The inaugural tournament featured just three teams. The participants were:

  • RCD Espanyol;
  • Madrid FC;
  • and Athletic Bilbao;

The tournament was won by Athletic Bilbao, who defeated Madrid FC in the final.

Expanding the tournament

Over the years, the tournament has expanded and evolved, with more teams and rounds added to the competition. Another great activity to make are virtual sports bets – 1xBet site features the best odds in the market for this discipline and for football too.

Today, the Copa del Rey is contested by more than a hundred teams from across Spain, with the winner qualifying for the UEFA Europa League. 

The format of the tournament has changed several times over the years. However, the current format consists of a single-elimination knockout tournament. Here teams from the lower divisions enter the early rounds, and the top teams enter the later rounds. The 1xBet website offers virtual sports bets and football wagers too, which of course also features the Copa del Rey.

Multiple winners

The Copa del Rey has produced some memorable moments over the years, with many of Spain’s top teams winning the tournament multiple times. Some of the most winning teams include Real Madrid, Athletic Bilbao and Barcelona. All those teams are always available to wager on the 1xbet website too. Teams like Atlético Madrid, Valencia, and Zaragoza have also had quite some success of their own.

It is worth mentioning that the Copa del Rey is older than the Spanish League itself. For this reason, the former is considered as the first nationwide football tournament in Spain. This shows how important this championship has been in the history of football in this country. If you want to wager on the Spanish La Liga or other football competitions from that part of the world, visit the 1xBet website today.

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