The iconic comedy shows you’ll love


Comedy shows are a great way to distract from a difficult day at work and everyday problems. Therefore, we have selected the best comedy shows for you, which have earned the recognition of viewers and strict critics.

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The Office

  • Year of production: 2005
  • Rating: IMDb – 9.0

One of the most iconic comedy series: on some platforms, it is even more popular than “Friends”! The last season was released in 2012, but the American sitcom still occupies the top lines in the ratings. The series, filmed in a pseudo-documentary style, will tell about the employees of a small paper supply company Dunder Mifflin in Scranton. The main characters fight, make up, joke with each other, and get into uncomfortable situations every day. So how do they solve the most challenging problems, especially when an unconventional boss always wants to make fun of his subordinates?

The Big Bang Theory 

  • Year of production: 2005
  • Rating: IMDb – 8.2

Another cult comedy worth watching for every fan of the TV series. The story is about two young physicists, Sheldon Cooper, and Leonard Hofstadter. The guys are making progress in science, but to build a close relationship with the girls, they do not manage—all their free time they spend on video games and socializing with the same geniuses. But everything changes when the stunning blonde Penny moves in next door. The girl immediately begins to manipulate the enchanted boys.

Interestingly, not only the actors but also guest inventors and scientists, including Steven Wozniak, billionaire Elon Musk, astronaut Michael J. Massimino, physicist Stephen Hawking, and other prominent figures, took part in the production.

Black Books

  • Year of production: 2000-2004
  • Rating: IMDb – 8.5

Irishman Bernard Black is the owner of a small bookstore in London. His accountant has run into trouble with the police, and Black must do his taxes himself. He wants to get properly drunk to get a work injury and delay filing his tax returns. But instead, Black gets so drunk that he accidentally hires an accountant named Manny.

Thus begins a strange story of friendship between two opposites: the antisocial, alcoholic introvert Black and the friendly, business-savvy extrovert Manny. They are kept company by Fran, the owner of the neighboring store. Throughout 18 episodes, Manny and Fran often try to bring Black out into the world and get him to communicate with people.

The show will especially appeal to fans of British TV series thanks to the many cameos by then-young and now very famous actors: Olivia Coleman, Simon Pegg, Martin Freeman, and Nick Frost.


  • Year of production: 2001-2010
  • Rating: IMDb – 8.7

Young general practitioner John Dorian and his surgeon friend Chris Turk graduated from medical school and worked together at Sacred Heart Clinic. Ahead of them is hard work: they must grow from ordinary trainees to residents and doctors. They must face the unpleasant peculiarities of modern medicine, tyrannical bosses, and capricious patients. Each in the clinic will find his love (and not one), friends, and enemies.

The voice-over for the series is still the same Dorian, or J.D., as his friends call him. He is the same voice as Dorian or J.D., and his friends call him. Despite his solemn profession, J.D. often acts like a child and likes to fantasize – all of his dreams we see on screen in the form of humorous inserts.

At the same time, in the series, there are dramatic plots where doctors fight for the lives of their patients and do not always win.

The clinic is not just a hospital with good doctors but a real school of life.

Ted Lasso

  • Year of production: 2020
  • Rating: IMDb – 8.8

Ted Lasso is a friendly and never discouraged successful college American soccer team coach. Then, unexpectedly, he gets an offer to lead the Richmond club of the English Premier League, the most prestigious tournament for regular soccer, which in the United States is called soccer. Understanding nothing of the game, Lasso agrees. Unfortunately, his family problems also pushed him on this adventure: his wife asked him to separate for a while to sort out his feelings.

But why has the famous club invited some strange American who does not even know the rules of the most popular game in the world? It turns out that Richmond’s new owner wants the team to fail. So Rebecca Welton plans to take revenge on her husband, the former club owner, for the cheating, humiliation, and divorce. But very soon, the eternal optimism of the never-ceasing Ted and his love for people and life make her regret her decision.


  • Year of production: 2020
  • Rating: IMDb – 7.9

Before You is one of the best American comedy series by actor Martin Freeman, who was inspired by his experiences as a parent; Paul and Ellie have two children, and their main goal in life is to keep their wits about them. They, of course, are very fond of their offspring, but the burden of parenthood seems overwhelming. Paul and Ellie have forgotten about sleep, and the eternal lack of money and restless kids worsen the already nervous state. Nevertheless, they must be good parents and find the perfect balance between their careers, family, and needs.

How I Met Your Mother

  • Year of production: 2005-2014
  • Rating: IMDb – 8.3

A witty comedy where the main character Ted Mosby tries to build a personal life. His friend Marshall decides to marry his friend Lily, a kindergarten teacher. It pushes Ted to make his family, which causes him to start looking for a bride actively. An assistant in such a complex matter is his friend Barney, an eternal bachelor who never misses a single skirt. After many attempts, Ted still finds his love. But viewers find out who she is at the very end; throughout the seasons, Ted’s soulmate leaves signs in the form of a toy bus and a yellow umbrella.

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