The miniskirt, phenomenon of rebellion and controversies

The low waist black skirt is a garment that has gained followers over time. In England in the sixties, in the midst of a cultural revolution with the Mod movement and Swinging London, Mary Quant created this skirt, designed with a length of 35 cm. Women’s liberation had reached the catwalks and streets of Halloween night. 

Since the 1920s, the length of skirts – both in skirts and dresses – has been shortening as historical contexts and socio-cultural movements have changed. However, the skirts reached the knees at most and there was no clear delineation of youth clothing.

The mini skirt of the sixties was a great object of discussion. The most conservative groups such as the Church claimed that the provocation it caused in men was reason enough to condemn this garment and whoever wears it, alleging the loss of values. On the other hand, the miniskirt was a fashionable garment for European youth. Women began to enter the workplace, study, and live alone, and the traditional wardrobe was outdated.

Both cinema and television and even rock and roll were called upon to reveal this innovation. It represented the rebellion of women who wanted to free themselves from old social mandates.

Tips to wear miniskirts:

If there are some garments that have been criticized and demonized beyond belief, they have been miniskirts for many reasons. To begin with, it has always been believed that these types of garments are very daring and that they do not go well with all body types, but this does not necessarily have to be true. On the contrary, you just have to be very clear about the pieces and accessories with which you are going to combine these garments and get the most out of them.Click here for more information about Mercari

It is because of all this criticism and demonization that many women have refrained from wearing miniskirts as much as they have wanted to, but they must stop listening to unhealthy comments and start trying on what they want without thinking about what they will say.

What if we have to think about how to dress to feel beautiful and sensual wherever we go miniskirts are a great opportunity for that. It only takes a few tips to follow and success is guaranteed.

Try not to be too tight on your legs:

The fact that a slit mini skirt is a very short garment does not mean that it has to be too tight, so there are many options that are very comfortable and sensual at the same time.

One of the reasons some girls have given up miniskirts is because of how uncomfortable they can be if they have thick legs. For this same reason, it is not recommended that women with thick legs and large hips wear too-tight miniskirts. In addition to the fact that they are not going to look very good, it greatly limits the mobility and strides that we can take.

Now, if there’s one thing to be said for tight skirts, it’s that there’s less chance of an unfortunate accident happening to us. If a very strong blizzard passes or you walk on one of those sewers that release air, we must be very careful that the fabric does not rise and leave us exposed.

We must also take into account that, in the midst of oversight or distraction, we can be sitting down and the fabric can be raised without us realizing it. As we are seeing, these types of garments have their advantages and disadvantages.
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Fortunately for us, there are several types of short skirts that, in addition to being quite loose, are fitted enough to the body so that the air cannot lift them in any way. It’s all a matter of finding the one that suits us best according to our body type and that makes us feel beautiful and desired.

We must wear a skirt of the same size:

How determined some women are to wear clothing sizes larger than theirs! We don’t understand why some people feel more comfortable and confident in clothes that are several sizes larger than their actual size.

They may think that their clothes will be much looser and they will be able to hide their imperfections or the ones they think they have, more easily. In a garment like a short skirt, choosing a size that is higher or lower than ours is the worst thing we can do.

If we opt for a short skirt that is very wide, the part of the belt will be practically swimming and will make us look wider in these areas, especially if we combine the skirt with a loose blouse. In addition to this, the skirt will be too loose on our legs and they will make our hips much larger than they really are.

If, on the contrary, we use a sequin mini skirt that is too tight, then the result will be much more disastrous. We are talking about the fact that, far from looking sensual and feminine as we wish, we are only going to make ourselves look uncomfortable and make our flaws stand out much more.

In this case, the belt is not going to be swimming in the torso, but it is going to tighten it in such a way that we are going to show off love handles that we don’t even have. In addition, the legs will be so trapped that we will not be able to move them no matter how hard we try. Without a doubt, the worst thing we can do when choosing skirts in the store.

Controversy phenomenon:

The sexual connotation that they have put on the length of the skirt is correlated with neoconservative sectors. They seek to censor it and destroy the rights that millions of women have achieved. The patriarchal society seems to have a focus on it.

The sequin mini skirt still sparks criticism and controversy. However, its use, its rebellious character, and the way in which comfort and versatility come together in this garment make it occupy a precious place in our wardrobes.

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