Tips And Tricks About Rules Of Online Cricket Betting

If you choose to bet, you have committed to living in a luxurious world full of riches and success. There’s nothing quite like the thrill and excitement of watching your team chase down victory in the final over at the death.

This article is a collection of free cricket prediction tips and tricks that will help you become an expert in online cricket betting. Some will be general, and others are specific to particular bets you might be interested in.

How To Be An Expert At Online Cricket Betting?

Learn How To Read Odds

Odds are what make or break your online cricket betting career. This is what separates you from winning and losing.

This might be a no-brainer, but it’s still worth a mention. Odds are an indication of how much you could win or lose.

  1. TIP: If you want to make money with cricket betting, always choose offers where your bet will return more. This simple rule can help you avoid those stingy bookies who will take your money and then laugh at you when they’ve got your wallet.
  • When you’re betting on a match with two teams, the odds on offer will be the same for each side.
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    For example, if England is 1/10 to win and West Indies are 1/7 to win, this means that if you believe England will win, you’ll win £1 at minimum (10 X 7 = 70p bet) and if you think West Indies will win you’ll lose £7.
  • Because of this, it’s important to learn how to read cricket betting odds. The odds for each team are displayed in a fractional format. This number represents the total that you can win or lose and what you see on the left is the number on offer from the bookie. The number on top represents how much you could win, with 1/7 indicating £7.00 (£1 X 7 = £7).
  • So always choose an odds to offer of 1/8 or higher, so you’re guaranteed to make at least a few pounds should your bet come in.
  1. TIP: It’s important to remember that you can find the odds on offer for any game you want by typing it into Google.
  • For example, if you wanted to see how much a bet on West Indies versus India would win you at the start of play in a Test match, then type this into Google: “India vs. West Indies Test Match Online Betting Odds .”This will give you the odds for the match and link to sports betting sites allowing wagering on this event.
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Choose The Right Sportsbook

There is no shortage of online cricket betting sites on the web. It’s a crowded market, with each side trying to attract customers with attractive promotions, bonuses, and promotions.

You should consider certain factors before choosing which site to use for your online cricket betting needs. They include:

  • Language Support – Make sure the site you choose supports your native language, if possible, or at least one or two other languages in case you want to interact with support staff members.
  • Bonuses – Look out for bonus codes on review sites that can give you an idea of what bonuses are on offer.
  • Security – You’ll want to ensure that the site has a good reputation for security and that your information is protected. Reputable sites will also be registered with independent third-party websites.
  • Live betting – Being able to bet on cricket as it’s happening is a great feature.
  • You should choose a site that is recommended by trusted authority sites. Trustworthy sites will likely offer the best bonuses and be easier to navigate than others. You’ll want to avoid the fly-by-night or disreputable sites at all costs.
  • TIP: If you want to compare the offers of several sites, then try using Google’s search. This will give you an overview of each site’s good and bad points.

Learn How To Spot An Offeree Team

If you’ve got the hang of reading cricket betting odds, then this is one step you can take to have a bright future in online betting. You can look out for a few things to know which team the bookie is offering on.

If you want to win your bets, targeting the underdog is best. If a bet offers odds of 2/5 or higher for your opposing side, it’s probably a sign that the bookie is confident in their team.

This means that if England is odds-on, and West Indies are 1/3, it could be because West Indies think they will win easily and therefore have low odds.

You should avoid betting on a team at all costs when a team is favoured. This could be because:

They’re a strong team – this can’t be helped. It’s only natural that the stronger teams will have better odds than the weaker ones. But each situation is different, and you’ll have to determine what’s best on your own.

Tips For Spotting An Offeree Team

Favoured teams will have odds of 1/3 or lower. This is solid proof that you shouldn’t be betting on them.

If the odds are 3/1 or higher in a two-team match-up, then it’s best to avoid this bet.

If the odds are below 1/10, the offered team is unlikely to win. This is a common trick used by online bookies and one you should avoid if you want to make money. It’s best to assume that these odds indicate that the bookie is confident in this team getting the win.

If the odds for a team reach or exceed 10/1, then it’s best to avoid betting on them. This could be because they’re so confident they’re willing to offer big odds to attract punters.


Cricket betting offers some of the best odds in sports betting. It’s a game that everyone knows about, and millions across the globe play it. If you’re an online cricket betting beginner, you should choose a site where you’ll be able to place and withdraw bets in your language. Because of this, you’ll be free to bet on any team or match up without worrying about getting confused by a language barrier.

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