Top 7 E-commerce Tools to Grow Your Business

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Growing a business in the modern world requires business owners to provide products or services that surpass the competition in some way. Whether you run a local food business, an India Lottery Finder, or a consulting agency, you must be acquainted with the best business tools to stay ahead of your game. According to Product Owner Tony Sloterman, the effectiveness of the tools you use has a lot to do with how fast your business grows and how efficiently it runs in the long term.

This article highlights the top 7 e-commerce tools you need to improve your day-to-day operations and generate more revenue in less time.

Communication & Collaboration Tools

As a business owner who follows you need an effective way to communicate and collaborate with your team. Some applications merge one-on-one and team messaging into one software so you can communicate in real-time with anyone and everyone.

  • Team Messaging – Slack

Slack is the most popular tool built for real-time communication with teams. Users can send information, files, ideas, and everything needed for work to get done.

  • Project Management – Trello

With Trello, you can keep tabs on what’s being done, what’s to be done, and what has been done. Trello also assists users in communicating and sharing info, suggestions, and everything required to complete a project.

Productivity Tools

These include software that helps you and your team work smarter and more efficiently. Here are two tools that can boost your productivity level in the workplace. 

  • Workspace – Google Workspace

Google Workspace is the complete suite of tools that make work file creation, sharing, and collaborative editing easy.

  • Process Automation-Zapier

Zapier is your go-to software for automating repetitive business operations. Zapier allows you to connect more than 1500 apps and automate some business processes so you can focus on more important work.

Design Tools

One of the most important parts of your customer’s user experience is your branding. Here are two essential tools to create unique brand awareness and understanding for your target audience. 

  • Website Builder – Shopify

There are several eCommerce website builders, but at the top of the list is Shopify. You can design a fully functional eCommerce store with everything you need to manage your marketing campaigns, orders, shipping, and payments. 

  • Graphics Design- Canva

Canva is the graphic design tool you need to create professional designs that intrigue and communicate to your audience and help build your brand authority.

Marketing Tools

Marketing is the soul of customer acquisition. And that’s why you should use the best tools to handle this aspect of your business. 

  • Social Media Marketing – Buffer

A buffer is a tool that helps you plan, schedule, and publish content across all your social media platforms, so you can reach your audience and build your brand in less time.

  • Email Marketing – Mailchimp

Email newsletters are great for driving conversions from your pool of leads. MailChimp provides everything you need for effective CRM in email marketing, including statistics, automation, web pages, and marketing campaigns.

Accounting Tools

Business finance requires a high level of accuracy and detail. The following accounting tools will help you keep track of your business finances to avoid errors and generate useful business insights from the data.

  • Bookkeeping – QuickBooks

Quickbooks is the all-in-one accounting platform you need for managing your budget, income, expenses, payrolls, inventory, and more.

  • Tax Filing – TurboTax

Turbo tax is the leading tax preparation software you need to manage your taxes effectively. You can import relevant income and expense information from your QuickBooks to your TurboTax account and classify them accordingly.

Analytics Tools

Business analytics tools help you understand your target market and your business performance to make better-informed decisions.

  • Website Analytics – Google Analytics

Google Analytics is designed to help you understand your customers by tracking the number of visitors to your websites and the content they interact most with. Google Analytics offers insights that help you identify what’s not and what you need to change.

Management Tools

There are different management software, from those that help you reach your customers to those you need for everyday business processes. Here are two management apps you need in your e-commerce business.

  • Customer Relationship Management – Hubspot

Hubspot is the leader in providing customer relationship management services. It provides traffic, prospects, and revenue insights that help you in the prospect-to-customer conversion process.

  • Contract Management – DocuSign

Whether you’re closing a sale, entering a contract, or approving a purchase, DocuSign allows you to sign any document digitally.


These e-commerce tools will help you grow your business by providing:

  • Smarter business operations
  • Effective lead generations and customer relationship management
  • Better results and ultimately higher revenue

Whether you operate a dropshipping business, an India lottery finder, or a freelancing agency, integrating these tools into your business will help you manage and grow your business.

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