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Top five wall painting ideas for living room

Wall paints can add a lot of beauty to any space, wall painting designs elevate your living room drastically making them appealing to the viewer. Living rooms represent the overall theme of your home, making them the center of attention.
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Therefore, using the best wall paints in the living room is essential. There are plenty of living room wall painting ideas available out there however, you must choose a particular idea for your living room depending on various aspects of the space available. Using the right painting techniques and paints you can customize the wall painting of the living room according to the vibe you want to create. Here are some of the best ideas that you must consider. 

1. Create a faux brick wall- A faux brick wall never goes out of style. A faux brick wall coated with neutral colors like grey and beige can make your living room look subtle yet stylish. Go for waterproofing Asian paints to protect your paints from damage. According to the placement of the furniture in your space decide on a wall that is most suitable for a brick wall. These walls complement the furniture of your house and make them stand out. A good brick wall is perfect to break the monotony of the plain walls of the living room. Try experimenting with the brick walls to create a unique and vintage look for your living room. 

2. Murals with warm shades To make the walls eye-catching, murals are one of the best options. A mural-painted wall acts as a focal point for the living room and if the mural is made using warm shades, it adds a warm vibe to the room. If blunt painting is something that you want to avoid then mural painting is your go-to. Created with some of the best wall colors, a beautiful mural-painted wall will be a perfect match for your bedroom. Murals spruce up the walls and create a lively vibe that is perfect for your living room. 

3. Play with lines- If you are looking for simple yet attractive walls, then straight lines covered with vibrant colors would work best for your living room. Such a wall is visually appealing and using abstract lines along with vibrant colors will jazz up the look of your living room walls. Use two color combinations or line symmetry to make the wall look unique. These lines would accentuate the walls and form a visual look of a clean and elegant living room. For creating a simple yet creative wall, symmetrical lines coated with vibrant colors are a considerable idea. 

4. Go for a monochromatic theme Designers are using a monochromatic look extensively to create creative yet sophisticated spaces. A shade of a certain color covering the walls and furniture forms a uniform and rich look. Select a piece of statement furniture, probably of a warm velvet shade and place it in front of a wall that is covered with the same color, this idea adds a complementing visual effect to the living room and makes it look high-end. If you do not prefer too much technical wall painting then this simple wall painting idea is best for you as it requires minimum effort and produces great results. 

5. Add a textured accent wall- Textured walls are trending immensely these days due to the depth they add to a boring wall. A textured accent wall gives a creative edge to the living room and provides a raw touch to the walls. You can get some of the best-textured walls, using paints across top brands like Asian paints, Berger paints, Nerolac paints, Indigo paints, etc. These textures can also be created using techniques like sponging, stroking, stamping, etc. A living room with a textured accent wall is a suitable space for your friends and family to come together.
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