Top Tips for Healthy and Happy Holidays with Diabetes

From kids to elders, everybody loves holidays, especially their Christmas holidays. The reason for this is they will get a chance to meet their friends and spend some time with their family. Another important point that you need to understand here is, it’s a season when most of the attention is usually paid to food and home decoration. When it comes to diabetics, they may not be able to enjoy their holidays completely because they cannot eat anything they want.

Diabetics need to follow a strict diet to maintain their health well.
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Feeling bad that you are going to miss eating all those wonderful food items at your Christmas party? That’s not the case at all.  You simply need to enjoy everything in moderation.  Many individuals will be applying for health and life insurance after the New Year.  When applying for life insurance with diabetes, you’re going to want to make sure your A1C and blood sugar levels are within a normal range.

You may still enjoy Christmas favorites without jeopardizing your blood sugar goals with little preparation and planning. Continue reading for advice on how to prepare for a joyful and healthy Christmas season.

  • A majority of people forget to move around during holidays as their focus on eating. If you are planning to spend your holidays with your friends and family then try to involve in physical activities as much as possible. This actually helps you stay healthy.
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    Plan for some fun activities at home post lunch or dinner. Similarly, plan for a walk with your friend’s post-dinner. You can also play some interesting music at your home post lunch and dinner to dance. This physical activity balances, if you eat a little more during your holidays.
  • People with diabetes should follow proper timings when it comes to their meals. If you are planning to attend a holiday lunch or a holiday dinner then check whether the holiday meal timingswill fit into your regular meal timings. If it doesn’t then it is better to take advice from your doctor about it. If you are someone who takes blood sugar-lowering tablets or insulin injection, you need to eat your food at the same time daily to avoid reaction in your body.
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  • You must always eat in smaller portion at a party. By doing this, you can avoid overeating. This helps you maintain your blood glucose level in the normal range.
  • Pick some selective food always at a party. Sweet potatoes, cranberry sauce, mashed potatoes, and dinner rolls are common at Christmas parties. If you are attending a party try something, which is special and unique there but don’t overeat.
  • Focus more on having vegetable salads at a party. If you’re bringing a vegetable dish, consider non-starchy veggies that are usually low in carbohydrates. This can help you feel fuller, which makes it easier for you to cut back on foods that are high in calories and fat.
  • Diabetic people should always keep their hydrated. Otherwise, they might feel weak and become unconscious sometimes.
  • Diabetics should be extremely careful when it comes to alcohol consumption. Stay away from alcohol, and satisfy yourself with sparkling water that comes with lots of lime.

It might be difficult for you to follow the above tips, but do follow them without fail to stay healthy and happy during your holidays!

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