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Understand Essential Advanced Tactics

Facebook offers a variety of supporting features that can help with the marketing of your Facebook presence. This week, we’ll cover those that are helpful regardless of the type or purpose of your campaign.

Some offer direct benefits to your presence, some make you more discoverable, and others provide search engine marketing benefits. The specific tactics you use for your situation will be driven by the level to which you want to integrate Facebook into your marketing approach.

The best way for us to define vanity names for you is to remind you of the unintuitive system Facebook used not too long ago to identify pages and profiles.
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Who can remember that? As a marketer, you had no opportunity to define the URL that Facebook would use to point to your presence. It was a branding opportunity wasted, not to mention extremely confusing for customers.

That is, it was until just after midnight on June 13, 2009.
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At that point, Facebook opened up the opportunity for people and organizations to create vanity names to help people quickly navigate to their favorite Facebook destinations.

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Now think back to the early days of the Internet. Innovative businesses proudly shared their web address with customers on commercials and printed materials.
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But it wasn’t as simple as Usually organizations shared their entire URL with users, and oftentimes it was cryptic and far too long to remember.

Lastly comment

A few years later, people realized that the could be assumed and that they could share just the shortened form of their web address. Why is that important in this context? We see the same thing happening with Facebook vanity names now:

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