Universally Accepted File Format

When we talk about a file format that is universally accepted and extremely versatile, there is only one name that strikes us – PDF. The Portable Document Format is known for its versatility and fantastic features.
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Over the years, the world has witnessed amazing technological advancements, but PDFs have remained constant. Created by Adobe, this file format has gained popularity over the years and tops the list of any kind of document. However, editing a PDF is not a simple task, you need a specially designed PDF editor to perform the task smoothly.

Here let us have a look at some amazing features of PDFs that make the file format stand out among others.
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  • Security

In an online world where we share almost everything and anything, security is the prime concern. Sharing confidential documents online is a very risky thing to do. However, PDF is one such file format that can be password protected. The file can be accessed only by those who have the password. This feature makes PDFs very popular in the fields of medicine, legal, defense, and many more. 

  • Consistency

Another perk of using PDFs is that it does not mess up with the contents of your document. If you try to view your PDF on another browser or version or system, then the content will remain intact. In other file formats, you might see the images, text, graphics, etc. in a changed layout, while it will remain as it is in a PDF. This feature makes PDFs a very reliable and portable file format. 

  • Compression

The biggest issue with sharing files online is their huge size. Often, a file that contains a lot of images and graphs is large in size, which makes it difficult to share without consuming a lot of your data pack and time. Another best part about PDFs is their compression ability. PDFs can be easily compressed by decreasing their quality by a small amount. There are many websites online where you can just upload the file and get a compressed file within a matter of a few seconds. 


The above-mentioned points are just a few advantages that tell us that PDFs are here to stay for a long time. Though it is easy to convert PDF to Word or any other file format and perform a vice versa action, PDFs are still the most used among other file formats for their ease of use. 

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