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Vijay Prakash Whole life and career in short view:-
This man is one of the heavyweight creative person of the whole Indian movie industry. Through his hand, there are so many enjoyable movie has been created in the Bollywood about which the fans can never forget. This man we are talking about is actually a film composer at the same time he often works as a music composer as well.
We better move to the matter of his career by checking the names of the movies as well as the songs name. Meanwhile, this will help you to guess about the quality of his working. Although, “Vijay Prakash” is very well known to all the movie and music fans.
Here are the “Kannada films” name in which he worked so far and well known to all the fans:

Vijay Prakash Track List::

Song Name Links
Tadkalro Download
Alladsu Download
Nammooralli Chaligaladalli Download
Sundari Download
Raajakumara Download
Rajvishnu Download
Hudugeer Download
Kaagegyake Kankappu Download
Nandu Nindu Yavaga Download
Nam Arealondina Download
Heartige Kanna Koredu Download
Nandana Download
Harusha Thalade Download
Friendship Download
Ding Dong Ding Download
Kowsalya Download
Lightaagi Download
Gopala Baa Download
Devaranegunu Download
Kotigobba Download
Belageddu Download
Angaaru Download
Yethara Yethara Download
Its Time for Mohabbat Download
Sa Re Ga Mama Download
Namdella Bari Plussu Download
Kya Ji Kissa Download
Ilijaaru Haadi Idu Download
Neeyaro Ninagyaro Download
Huchcha Na Download
Thinthale Thinthale Download
Ondu Baari Download
Kele Cheluve Download
Yochane Madbeda Download
Gatiya Ilidu Download
Enivaga Naanu Kannadiga Download
Open Hairsu Bitkondu Download
Yaar Ivalu Download
Maleyali Minda Download
Hello Hello Download
Khali Quatru Download
Hoge Download
Ninthe Ninthe Download
Oosaravalli Download
Thund-haikla Sahavasa Download
Nanna Preethi Kusuri Download
Ittha Ittha Baa Download
I Love You Jaanu Download
Nalle Nalle Download
Ele Elege Download
Indrajaala Ondu Download
Everybody Rock Download
Nannede Sruthiyalli Download
Nam Rootalli Download
Manase Manase Download
Hogolo Download
Naxalitu Naanalla Download
Aa Baanali Download
Raagadhanthe Download
Ondinchu Kannalli Download
Yaaradru heli Download
Jeeva Nanna Download
Baa Chakori Download
Ee Duniyadalli Download
Hoyuthide Download
Kannadi Alphonse Download
Nee Irbekithu Download
Sukumari Download
Sneha Sneha Download
Manase Manase Download
Gul Gulabi Download
Bandiddu Barali Download
Kaledhode Ninna Nodi Download
Tara Tara Hidiside Download
Saagide Nodu Download
Kuri Kolina Download
Raave Raave Download
Moodal Seeme Download
Swathi Male Haage Download
Pyaate Mandi Kaadig Download
Thirugo Ee Bhoomige Download
Ee Bhoomi Download
Kavithe Download
Sahanabhavatu Download
Ballariya Gani Download
Murida Marada Download
Saayuthide Nimma Nudi Download

Vijay Prakash Awards

There are lot more to see and mention but in this short type of article we are not going to mention those at a time.
Now here are the names of the awards which are the part and parcel of the people like this:

– “RAPA award for the Best Singer” in Advertising in the year of 1999.

– “Adityakalakiranpuraskar” award by the “Aditya Birla Group” in 2004.

– “Mirchi Music Award Critics Award” song of the year Tamil in 2009

– “Airtel Super Singer Junior popular male singer award” in 2009

– “Young Achiever award” by Jaya TV in the year in 2010.

– “Edison Award” in the category of “Best Playback Singer” of Tamilfor the song “Hosanna”

– “BIG Tamil Awards Listeners Choice award” and the category was “Best singer of the year” in 2011

– “5th Vijay Awards” in the category of “Best Male PlayBack Singer” in 2011.

– “5th Suvarna Film Awards” and the category was “Best Male PlayBack Singer” in 2011.

– “BIG FM Award” for Best Tapanguchi song (Kannada) for Kurikolina in 2012

– “Suvarna Comedy Awards of 2013” and the category was “Best Singer Male”

– “Suvarna Comedy Awards of 2013” in “Best Song” and the song is “Thund Haikla Saavasa”

– “Big Kannada Ugadi Music Awards 92.7” in “Best singer Male” and the time was 2014.

– “Mirchi music awards south 2015” in the category of “Male Vocalist in Malayalam language for “Oru Karimukilu” song from the film “Charlie”

– “Karnataka State Film Award for Best Male Playback Singer” for the song “Nammoralli Chaligaladalli” in the year pf 2016

– “Filmfare Award for Best Male Playback Singer in Kannada language” for the song “Belageddu Yara Mukhava” and the time was 2017.

– “2nd IIFA Utsavam for Best Male Playback Singer in Kannada” and the song is “Belageddu Yara Mukhava”

So here are all the basic things about the person “Vijay Prakash” and at the last as usual we said to the previous articles that if you are not so happy with the information we have mentioned then you better make a long search on the online source where you are going to have more detail in details. After all, we only mentioned here the basic about this person.

*** Vijay Prakash Social Page – Facebook, Twitter

*** Vijay Prakash – Wikipedia

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