Well Known Payment Solutions for Online Games or Mobile Games in Indonesia

Indonesia has a sizable online gaming industry. The ridiculous ease with which gamers can make online purchases is one of the keys to their success. Here are the top five payment options available in Indonesia to help gamers spend their cash:


This Malaysia-based company may be the one with the most offline payment options for Malaysian gamers. Gamers can purchase prepaid or top-up cards for a variety of games online. Furthermore, SEAGM accepts online payments such as bank transfers, credit cards, e-wallets, mobile banking, and internet banking. 

Users can spend their SEAGM credits on popular online games such as Free Fire Diamonds, Pubg UC, and Mobile Legends Diamonds. This website also allows you to top up your Steam Wallet. Aside from that, SEAGM allows users to purchase gift cards for a variety of well-known brands such as iTunes, XBOX, GooglePlay, Amazon, and others.All Movies Download From Jalshamoviez

2. Razer Gold

MOL was the previous name for Razer Gold. They offer game credit as a service. Users can top up their credits through a variety of methods, including internet banking, offline vouchers at physical grocery stores, carrier billing, and other online payment providers. 

Over 200 online games are compatible with Razer Gold, including Genshin Impact, Mobile Legends Bang Bang, Roblox, Garena, and many others.

3. Unipin

Unipin accepts a variety of payment methods, including online banking and credit cards, mobile payments, and bank transfers, just like its peers. Indomaret, a grocery store, also sells physical vouchers. Unipin credits can be used to buy items in popular games like Audition Ayo Dance and Counter Strike Online. Unipin credits can also be used to top up a gamer’s Steam Wallet. Visit here for movie KuttyWap

4. Codashop

Codashop is one of the world’s largest and most reputable gaming and online entertainment top-up websites. To enable a seamless purchase experience, they work directly with the publishers of mobile legends, Pubg Mobile, Free Fire, and other games. Codashop allows users to top up without registration or log-in. Users can purchase the item and items are added to their game account instantly.
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5. Tokopedia

Tokopedia offers merchants and buyers a free C2C business platform. Compared to other channels, the marketplace allows merchants to reach a larger audience. Official stores for well-known brands to conduct B2C business are also available. Tokopedia offers millions of products in 25 categories through its marketplace products.

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