What about Slow Carbs?

So too many carbs at one meal can stop fat burning and perhaps increase fat storage. Once your muscles are glycogen loaded and your energy needs are met, excess carbs are simply excess calories that are stored as energy.
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Some experts will say that the amount of fast or slow carbs can make a difference in how much is stored as fat.

Fast cars are those that cause a spike in insulin from your pancreas, such as processed sugar foods like candy, as well as some high-sugar fruits and juices.
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Because insulin is considered a storage hormone, it will shuttle carbs that you don’t need for immediate energy to your fat cells if your muscles are already full of glycogen. That means that high insulin levels can knockout your fat-loss efforts—except after a workout

So, yes, fast carbs can result in more fat storage—if you eat them alone. However—and this is a big however—when you combine them with other foods, specifically fat and/or fiber, the speed at which your blood sugar is increased is significantly reduced. You get more of a trickle effect into your bloodstream, and a slower release of glucose means less insulin. Because of that fact, we suggest you never eat carbs alone, especially p recessed carbs like candy.

If you have to have sweets, eat them with nuts or other fat-and-fiber food. Make them part of a balanced meal. Even then, however, don’t eat too much. Small meals are best—no more than 350 calories—and limit insulin output. An insulin surge is only part of the problem with fast carbs, however.

The other is that many are more calorie dense, usually because of significantly more carbs and/or fat. In other words, you’ll get more potential fat storage from eating a candy bar than an apple due to excess energy intake. Here’s proof:


A two-ounce milk chocolate bar has about 300 calories, while an apple has about 75 calories, but because of its fiber content, an apple is more filling (and healthier, of course). Do you still want the candy? With more than three times the calories (energy), you’re going to store more fat. But there is a way to indulge with damage control

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