What are some Advantages of the Ceramic Braces 

Are you thinking of opting for orthodontics? But those visible metals and wires are bothering you. 

Mostly whenever people hear of braces, they first think of metal braces which are way too traditional. But to your amusement, let me tell you that there are also different types of braces that you can opt for.

The best example is ceramic braces, which are far better than traditional ones in terms of visibility. It is made up of a product similar to the tooth’s color. Let’s learn about this fantastic tool in detail. 

What are Ceramic Braces, and What is it made up of? 

Ceramic braces are orthodontic tools that are also known as clear braces, made up of a material known as polycrystalline alumina, a substance with a texture similar to that of the teeth. And this makes them less visible than the metal braces. They are made up of a material that is subtler and more fragile.
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The brackets and the wires are also made up of the color with that of the color of teeth. They are primarily suitable for treating all sorts of orthodontic issues, but if your teeth are more crooked and misaligned, the best option for you could be traditional braces. You can visit the
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How Much do the Ceramic Braces Cost in Chennai?

Usually, it depends upon several factors like the materials used for making the braces, the location of the dental clinic, the complexity involved in the treatment, and the dental clinic’s expertise during the treatment.

However, on average, the ceramic braces cost in Chennai is around 35,000-50,000 INR. 

Who are the suitable candidates for the Ceramic Braces? 

Not everyone can opt for the ceramic braces, only selected and few candidates alone are suitable to opt for the treatment; However, some qualified candidates for the ceramic braces are; 

  • Mostly, adults are considered suitable for ceramic braces as all their teeth have been completely formed they have developed all their adult teeth. 
  • Anyone willing to seek less noticeable braces is also one of the suitable candidates for ceramic braces treatment. 
  • People with moderate spacing between the teeth and less crooked and misaligned teeth are considered superior for the treatment. 
  • Candidates practicing good oral hygiene are also suitable for ceramic braces treatment.

So these were the suitable candidates for the ceramic braces treatment.

What are the advantages of ceramic braces? 

Some advantages of ceramic braces are;


Aesthetics are one of the best benefits of ceramic braces. They are less visible as they are made with the color with that of the teeth, which makes them less noticeable. In this way, they provide you with a bright smile without affecting your aesthetics and also provide you with a long-lasting and effective smile.


Unlike metal braces, ceramic ones aren’t that robust; instead, they are comfortable and made up of a delicate material that quickly gets fixed in with the teeth and doesn’t annoy the patients. They provide comfort along with stability. 

Colour Options:

Ceramic braces provide several color options for your teeth, which means people who choose ceramic braces can avail of multiple color options for their brackets and wires. It is one of the advantages of ceramic braces for your teeth.


Unlike traditional braces, they are made of soft and fragile material that can be comfortable in your mouth. As they are weak, they won’t disturb your tooth enamel and will help your teeth stay healthy.

So these were some of the advantages of Ceramic Braces.

What are the disadvantages of Ceramic Braces? 

Here are some disadvantages of Ceramic Braces which you must know;


When compared to traditional braces, you might find ceramic braces quite expensive as they are made up of different materials named polycrystalline alumina, which is less visible than other types of braces.

Less Durable:

These braces are indeed made up of a fragile material, but they are why they are less durable than traditional braces. So if you see them in terms of durability, they might last only a short time as they are made up of a material similar to that plastic.

May Stain: 

Just like other braces, even these braces may stain. But usually, teeth staining isn’t a big issue and can be corrected easily with the help of orthodontists. 

So these were some of the advantages and disadvantages of ceramic braces. 

Frequently Asked Questions for Advantages of Ceramic Braces: 

Do the ceramic braces get stained?

The answer to this is Yes. Just like the traditional and other braces, even these braces can stain and may leave your teeth to look dull and 


Can clear braces be used to treat an overbite?

Ceramic braces are the best options for treating issues like underbites, overbites, crooked teeth, and misaligned teeth but only up to a certain extent.

What are ceramic braces made up of?

Ceramic braces are made up of a material named polycrystalline alumina, which is similar to that plastic. 

How expensive are the ceramic braces?

Ceramic braces aren’t that expensive, but when compared to traditional they might look expensive, and when you compare them with Invisalign, you might find them affordable.

So hope you find the article on the advantages of ceramic braces helpful. Stay connected to read more articles like this. See you soon with the upcoming articles like this. 

Thanks for Reading! 

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