What Different Ways can a Vacuum Cleaner be Used

A vacuum cleaner, whether it’s the regular type or wet and dry type is normally purchased with brushes which are interchangeable and they are designed to brush off dry dust and wet spills.Find out how you can make use the vacuum cleaners in different ways. It is suitable in a house with kids or you frequently spill contents on carpets.

A vacuum cleaner is used for cleaning damp patches, wet spills and picking updry dust, it can also be ideal in doing heavy-duty tasks. A vacuum cleaner has two bucketsinstead of a bag, the function of these devices isto isolate dry dust and wet spills.It also has brushes which can be interchanged.

A vacuum cleaner’s internal parts are insulated well and are separated to ensure no damage or chances of electrocution. Now let’s focus on ways that a vacuum cleaner can be used bearing in mind that it has two separate wet and dry chambers. Some of these ways include;

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Liquid Spills

People with kids can understand that it’s a tough job to keep on cleaningliquid spills now and then. You might end up spending all your time removing stains from surfaces. Also, if you are prone to keep on spilling coffee, water tea, milk or even wine, it might be cumbersome removing these stains from your carpet or the floor.

This work could be made easier by a vacuum cleaner. However, it is important you keep this machine clean after vacuuming liquid spills.

Curtains and Floors

Curtains can also be vacuumed.Mesmerized? Don’t be. Just like the way floors collect dust, curtains also are prone to collect dust and debris which piles up day in, day out.

This dust and debris can be removed by a vacuum cleaner very fast. Some of these vacuum cleaners have an advantage of having a hardwood floors attachment and other materials.

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Firepits and fireplaces are very hectic to clean and they might end up taking almost all day. There is also a high chance that you might make a mess with leftover ash and the soot.
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You can decide to use a wet and dry vacuum cleaner instead. They contain a separate tank which gathers the fireplace ash. Ensure that you are not collecting hot leftover ash since it might damage the vacuum cleaner.


Cleaning carpets is always a hassle but not when you have a vacuum cleaner. The vacuum can easily clean remove debris, dust and pet hair and as a result, preventing air pollution inside the house. It is the best when it comes to saving energy and time because it can get rid of marks, stains and mildew from the carpet.

Hot Tub and Clogged Sinks

The Ideal device for unclogging sinks and cleaning hot tubs perfectly is a vacuum cleaner. It normally has a suction function specifically for this work.
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It is not difficult to use this device while cleaning hot tubs and clogged sinks, just set the blower mode and the vacuum cleaner will take over.


I have just explained few ways which are unique to handle a vacuum cleaner. It has dual purposes; to clean wet spills which are deposited in the chamber and to suck up dry waste which is also deposited in a chamber for dry materials only. For people who normally lack time to clean their homes, this vacuum cleaner can make their work very easy.

It is also important that you read the instructions of the manufacturer before using this device to ensure everything flows smoothly.

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