What is B2B appointment setting?

The concept

B2B appointment setting is the process of fixing a sales appointment for a B2B company. To understand this definition, you need to first know what B2B is. B2B stands for Business to Business.
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It refers to a business or a company that makes products or sells services to another business. This is different from B2C, where a business sells its offering directly to consumers. B2B companies offer products and services to other companies who would use such products/services to create their own offerings for consumers.

For example, a company that makes laptops needs components to produce the laptops. It would purchase these components from other businesses and use the components to make the laptop. This is an example of a B2B company. Another example is of a biscuit factory that buys wheat flour from another company and uses it to make biscuits. visit for more information b2b appointment setting

Importance of B2B appointment setting

In B2C marketing, a company sells its products directly to consumers. It is easy to reach out to consumers through direct selling, stores, door to door selling, online selling, and social media marketing.
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B2B marketing is a different game altogether. Companies generally buy raw materials or services to use to make their products.
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The quantity they purchase and the amount they pay would be quite high.

Getting a B2B order is significant since the order value is likely to be high. Companies don’t place orders by seeing an ad or viewing social media posts. They have their own procedures that they follow. It is important for a salesperson to meet the company executive and tell him about their product and convince him. For this, an appointment is needed. This is where B2B appointment setting is of use.

Getting an appointment at a company is not easy. Companies don’t entertain salespersons who walk in without an appointment. The appointment should be with the key executive or the person who makes the decision. This is the way to get B2B sales. All this explains how important a B2B appointment is. It is an appointment secured for a salesperson with the key executive of another business.

B2B appointment setting

In B2B appointment setting, telemarketers call up companies to try and get an appointment. This is a cold calling system where calls are made without advance notice. Generally, companies are not receptive to cold calling. This makes B2B appointment setting very challenging. The telemarketing person should firstly find the contact number of the key person. Calling the reception may not be helpful.

Once the call is made, it is important to make the executive feel that the call is important. The executive must be given a brief about your company and its products and must be convinced to give a sales appointment.

Any company that wishes to get the best results from its sales process needs to avail of B2B appointment setting services provided by a reputed company. Availing services from would ensure the company gets appointments with decision makers so that they can get a sales order.

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