Wigs For Square Face Shapes: Finding The Right Wig For Your Face Shape

Your facial structure is fixed and cannot be altered in any way. But it doesn’t mean you can’t locate wigs that flatter your features if you put some effort into it. In point of fact, donning a wig is one of the most successful strategies for making a total transformation in one’s appearance. You can disguise the imperfections of your face and give your square face new angles with the correct wig. 

When searching for the ideal wig for a square face, there are a few important factors to take into account. If you choose the right wig, it will have volume along the sides of your head, giving the impression that your head is softer and more oval-shaped rather than triangular. Continue reading to learn how to select the ideal wig for your particular facial structure:

What Does A Wig Have To Do With Face Shapes?

Altering your appearance and experimenting with new looks are also fantastic reasons to get a wig. However, the form of your face will directly influence how comfortable a wig will feel to wear on your head. When looking for a hairpiece, you need to give some thought to how it will sit on your head in relation to your face.

This covers how it will frame your face as well as how you feel it will sit on your head while you wear it. It is impossible to use the same style of wig on a square-shaped face as it is on a round face. The secret to wearing a wig successfully and in a comfortable manner is to search until you find one that conforms to your head size and the contours of your face. You can’t alter the structure of your face, but you may select a wig that brings out its most flattering features. There are numerous styles of wigs at Luvmehair , and every one of those styles offers a unique set of advantages. Knowing what your face shape requires and getting the proper fit are the two most important aspects of selecting the perfect one.

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The Importance Of Finding The Right Fit

Wearing the right wig is the best way to make it appear as though your hair is thicker and longer. If a wig doesn’t fit right, you’ll see the flaws of your hairline and the top of your head. You may also see the wefts connecting the hair to the wig cap, giving away the secret that you’re wearing a hairpiece. Finding the right fit for your face shape is key to wearing this trick successfully.

The first thing to look for when finding the right fit for your face is a wide hairline. The hairline should be wide enough to cover the hairline of your real hairline and blend into your natural hairline. It should also be wide enough to cover the top of your ears and blend into your real hair on the top of your head.

Square Faces And Shaping Tips

There are many stereotypes about certain face shapes being more beautiful than others. While most of these are not true, there are a few face shapes that are more difficult to wear a wig with. Square faces are one of these face shapes. People with square faces should avoid wearing wigs that add fullness or volume around the sides of the face. A full or volumized wig will only make this face shape appear even more square. Instead, look for wigs that are long and have a side part.

They will help to round out the face and soften the angles. If you have a square face, avoid wearing high-maintenance wigs like weaves or human hair extensions. They may add fullness and volume to your hair, but they will also require frequent hair maintenance. Instead, look for wigs that can be worn for weeks at a time with little to no maintenance.
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Which Wigs Are Best For Square Faces?

The best wigs for square faces are those that add volume and length around the sides of the head. They are not volumized in the top of the head, giving the wearer a more oval-shaped face. The goal is not to add volume to the top of the head, but to add length around the sides. This will help to offset the triangular shape of a square face. Look for long, side-swept wigs that are parted down the middle. They will add length to the sides while still framing your face and drawing attention to your eyes.

Long Wigs – Long wigs are an easy way to give your hair more volume and length without having to worry about growing it out. Wearing long hair like t part lace wig will help to soften the edges of a square face and give the wearer an overall softer appearance.

Full Wigs – Full wigs like glueless lace wigs  will add volume to your hair, making it appear thicker and fuller. This will help to offset the thinness that comes with a square face shape. A full wig with long fringe can be parted down the middle or to one side, giving the wearer a softer look.

Curly wigs – Short, curly, laceless wigs, kind to natural hair, and packed with styling options like human hair wigs with bangs are best for square shaped faces


Your face shape is not something that can be changed or altered. However, it does have a huge impact on how you feel about yourself. When you are confident in your appearance, it radiates and makes you feel more empowered. Wearing the right wig is one of the best ways to completely change your appearance and feel more confident in yourself. Wearing the right wig for your face shape will make you feel more confident and comfortable in your own skin. It will also make it easier to style and take care of your hair. Whether you want to change your hairstyle, go through chemotherapy, or just feel more confident, wearing the right wig can make all the difference.

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