12 Fit And Flavorful Home Food Delivery Options In Pune You Got To Try  

Work. Eat. Repeat. This is the lifestyle of every Punekar. Be it the one born in Pune or the one who has traveled all the way to reach Pune, their lifestyle ends up in a similar direction until the weekend arrives. At this point, maintaining a healthy life balance can become problematic because it is hard to prioritize fitness and work together in the constant hustle.   

If you are a Punekar and facing similar problems, then here are some of the healthy home food delivery options in Pune that can be considered during or after a long day.

Eating Choices For Home Food Delivery In Pune At Swiggy

From junk to healthy, from breakfast to dinner, Swiggy can offer a plethora of food choices in this one place. Here are some of the delicacies that can be a happy, and healthy meal for your diet.  Click here for more updated Vegamovies

Kulcha Burgers  

The name of kulcha is just enough to let a person drool at the flavors of some excellent main course coming by. However, many people discourage kulcha from its involvement in maida for the dough. But Swiggy has some of the best home food delivery restaurants in Pune that serve whole wheat kulcha. These kulchas are stuffed with exciting gravies like paneer masala, butter chicken and spices, potato and spices, etc. This can be an extremely satiating meal after a long day.  

Paneer Tikka Rice Bowl  

Paneer tikka is among the most recommended food items for being high in protein and healthy for a wholesome diet. If you are thinking of making your dinner healthy and tasty at the same time, then you can order the paneer tikka rice bowl delivered at the fitness food hubs in Pune. Get home food delivery for this if you are looking for a party-like healthy diet. 

Roast Vegetable Rice Bowl  

Roasted vegetables can be a box of nutrients served under one hut. For this, Swiggy has restaurants like The Good Bowl that specialize in good food for health, heart, and stomach. The bowl of roasted veggies with rice is a very juicy and spicy food combination that can be fulfilling for your midnight meal. It can reenergize you after a whole day at work.  

Rajma Chawal Bowl  

Are you missing your ghar ka khana? How about a super delicious and desi ghar ka khana that can be healthy too? Rajma chawal can be a viable option for this. You can order home food delivery of this meal, as most of the restaurants have this in their Indian main course section. But the best part is, you will never get disappointed with it because this Indian dish is a mix of numerous spices and less oil. Therefore, you will have a lip-smacking and guilt-free food trip.    

Multigrain Pizza  

Pizza has always been seen as the biggest fat buster. But the favorite of all too. How about having a pizza that is healthy too? For this, Swiggy delivers your choice of pizzas from all the top outlets in Pune. Get similar toppings, similar tastes, similar cheezy bursts, and similar nutrients in the first bite of wheat pizzas available for home food delivery at Swiggy.   

Pearl Millet Tomato Sauce Paneer Protein Meal  

Taking millet in your diet can fill your stomach for a very long time, and cut out on taking any unnecessary meals if you are on a diet. However, millets on Swiggy get a whole new renovation because of the restaurants that serve healthy snacks online. Just like the Paneer and millet protein meal. This bowl is literally a junction of protein and one for home food delivery for the fitness experts. This meal can reincarnate the strength to work more.   

Millet Salad  

You can also order millet salad, which involves millets added with exotic vegetables, oils, sauces, and seasonings. These salads are not easy to make at home but definitely easy for home food delivery in Pune. Restaurants like EatFit serve the best salads of millets with varieties of options.   

Idli Sambhar 

Idli sambhar is not just the favorite of a South Indian. It is the one true love of every Indian. The best part is how it is healthy and delicious at the same time. This food item is the best for morning consumption because it is mild and filling for the stomach. If you want to make a beautiful start to your weekend morning, then the home food delivery in Pune of an Idli can be a considerable choice.  


If you want to grab the perfect delight for your sweet tooth, then a Muesli must be on the bucket list. Swiggy has a huge range of muesli like oatmeal, fruits, chocolate, nuts, and other muesli choices. Order the one to satiate your sweet cravings with a healthy option that also fits your mood.   

Baked Samosa  

Oil, maida, and potato, a samosa have everything that can make you fat. But not complete when it is baked. You can order baked samosas for a guilt-free samosa party.   

Soya Chaap  

Soya chaap has come all the way to be the most delicious snack to consume in your evening time. Consider the options of soya chilly, soya chaap tikka, sofa chap role, etc., that can be a tasty food snack, along with being very healthy.  

Coconut Beverages  

Tender coconut is among the best choice if you are looking for healthy and flavorful food options. Order coconut milk shakes, coconut milk ice creams, and other beverages in coconut because this ingredient is a sincere energy booster.   

If you are thinking of living a healthy life, but your schedule is not allowing you, then this healthy diet plan can be a baby step for it. So, you can get your most-favorite diet right at your home after the work or a workout session. In fact, Swiggy gives home food delivery in Pune 24*7, providing you options to order for breakfast, lunch, dinner, or even late-night snacking. Give a fit and fantastic start to your day from tomorrow or even today!   

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