360 Lipo Foam Board

The lumbar backboard is composed of high-quality polystyrene, which is soft to the touch and won’t irritate or injure your incision.
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It also has an ergonomic form that matches your body. Our lipo back compression panel is soft enough to give optimum comfort while still giving all of the necessary protection.

What exactly is 360 foam?

Essentials Assumed 360 lipo Foamboard with an integrated ab board provides uniform, smooth cushioning and compression for additional comfort and shaping. Liposuction foam is applied to the regions that have been treated with liposuction to distribute the pressure, forcing fat cells to disperse equally.

Perfect for Recovery After Operating

Our Back lipo foam contains a unique fabric on the exterior and memory foam on the inside for a more pleasant recovery. Provides precisely the right amount of compression for each stage of post-op recovery, reducing edema and bloating. This Lipo backboard will significantly reduce discomfort and inconvenience during recuperation. After a stomach tuck or liposuction, this is one of the greatest post-op supplies.

Support and Ideal for Post Recovery

When you need extra back support, the back moulder is the finest option. It’s a great compliment to BBL (Brazilian Butt Lift), back liposuction or lipo treatment, and abdominal board after liposuction. Post-surgery abdominal board abdominal panel post-surgery tabla abdominal post-surgery lipo foams and boards belly board Its design aids in reattaching the skin to the muscle, preventing folding, fluid retention, and irritations.

Make Your Shape Stunning

Our back lipo board is the ideal thickness for wearing beneath your waist trainer wrap. Underneath, you’ll be nearly undetectable and so comfy that you won’t even realise it’s there.

Best Option

The Back bbl board aids in slight posture correction and prevents the clothing from cutting into the flesh. Start your post-surgery rehabilitation with this liposuction backboard. This pressure board for lipo, lipo foam, back surgery panel, lipo moulder lumbar, lipo back pressure board, lumbar moulder, back compressing foam, moola backboard, back bbl board give oneself the greatest shot of the best possible outcomes and ensure the operation is a success.

Make Your Shape Look Amazing

Use Our Back Lipo Board Under Your Shapewear Because It Is Perfectly Thick. Beneath, go virtually undetectable, so comfortable that you won’t even notice it’s in there.

Exceptional for Post-Operative Recovery

For a more pleasant recovery, our Back Lipo Foam has a unique fabric from the outside and remember foam on the inside. Provides just the right amount of compression for each post-op stage to aid healing, reduce inflammation, and reduce discomfort. This Lipo Back Board Will Significantly Reduce Pain And Inconvenience During Recovery. After a stomach tuck or liposuction, this is one of the greatest post-op supplies.

An elastic compression garment is normally worn for 3 to 6 days using the open drainage approach (skin incisions/adits are not closed with sutures) for post-liposuction treatment. Patients with “open drainage” should wear compression stockings for an additional 24 hours after all drainage has ceased.

You may chuck your lipo foams and abdominal board because the stage 2 faja is worn alone.
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How Often Should My Stage 2 Faja Be Worn? You should wear the Stage 2 faja for six months after switching over. It would help if you also considered sleeping in your Stage 2 faja.

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