Albion Online: Picking Your Best Mount

Buy Albion silver from U7BUY with their exclusive deals! When it comes to starting you life in Albion Online, it is always important to choose the right mount. Mounts can help you travel across the world quickly while also carrying extra storage. Different Albion online mounts will have different amounts of health or even special skills, so it is always wise to be the best one for your gameplay.

The first and possibly the most obvious to consider when choosing your mount is its speed. The speed of a mount can not only help with traversing to far away destinations quicker, but also for getting out of sticky situations with enemies. However, the speed of a Albion online mount may sacrifice the resilience of it too.

Another part of speed to consider is a mount’s acceleration. Acceleration is how fast the mount will begin to gallop. A mount’s speed must be balanced with this. That way it’ll be much faster to reach the maximum speed you need. This will make escaping any battle even easier, as well as running into battle as well.

Other than the ability to travel quickly, the other important and common appeal to mounts are its storage, also known as its max load. Being able to load a certain amount of items on your mount can be either a passive skill or an attribute. The passive skill ‘courier’ grants a bonus to the max load of your mount. Meanwhile, the attribute contributes to how much the player can carry when around a mount’s circle.

Health is also known as resilience for mounts. This category includes how much total health and defense that a mount has, which is very useful if you plan to take your mount through battle or dangerous areas. This stat can also contribute to what armor you can or may want to use depending on the mount as well.

While mounts have these common stats to consider, each mount can also have a special and specific skill. Some mounts have the ability to teleport in-between destinations, while others can turn invisible or are considered ‘battle mounts’. Either way, it is always good to consider your gameplay and what you do often when choosing a mount based on its special skills.

Of course, all Albion mounts are going to be worth a certain amount of silver or gold. Even if you find the perfect mount just for you, you may just have to make some compromises with a cheaper mount in the short-run. However, some cheaper mounts may actually have certain advantages compared to pricier ones, specifically when it comes to lethal zone riding.

Mounts make up an important part of Albion Online whether when it comes to starting a new game, or picking a new one as your gameplay advances. While it can be easy to get overwhelmed by the decision making with multiple attributes to consider, it as just as easy to have these mounts as your best friends in whatever you do. Shop online to enhance your Albion Online journey at U7BUY.

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