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Cinderella Stories for kids

Once upon a time, there lived a poor servant girl named Cinderella. She was a patient, tender and kind girl. His days were long and tiring. Full of the most boring and worst housework.

Washing the floor, washing the clothes, dusting the shelves and cooking food were the tasks that she had to do during the day. Cinderella was forced to work from morning to evening without receiving a single Penny.

Cinderella’s mother died when she was very young, and her father remarried soon after. But his new wife was a nasty woman. She had two daughters from her previous marriage who were as naughty as she was.
They tormented poor Cinderella terribly every day. One day, when Cinderella was sweeping the ashes from the fireplace, they mocked her and sang:

Poor girl, poor girl
Her face is black, burnt and ugly

Even though her stepmother and half-sisters had tormented her for years, she had never once disrespected them or tried to take revenge on them. She did not wish them ill at all.
She patiently did the housework, hoping that when she grew up she could run away and start the wonderful life she longed for.

One day when Cinderella was working at home, someone knocked on the door. Cinderella hurriedly opened the door. Behind the door stood a short, fat man dressed in royal robes and holding an important scroll.

The old man opened the scroll and began to read:

It is my duty to announce that the king has sent an official invitation to all the young ladies of this land to attend the important royal celebration in the palace.

Hearing this, Cinderella’s stepsisters pushed her to a corner and stood in front of the fat man. The man continued to read:

His Highness the Crown Prince is looking for a suitable lady for marriage. He wants to meet all the girls of this land to find true love. Please come to the palace on Saturday at 8 pm.

The little man turned, mounted his horse, and galloped off. Two knights also followed him closely.
The half-sisters closed the door and gave a loud shout of joy.
Cinderella’s stepmother entered the room.
She said impatiently:

What is the reason for all this happiness?

Oh…mom…we’ve been invited to the royal party and I’m sure one of us will be chosen as the new princes.

The stepmother replied with a mocking smile:

Of course you do, what prince wouldn’t want to marry my sweet and precious children!

Cinderella was desperately trying to quiet them down a bit. Because she knew in her heart that any prince would rather live alone for the rest of his life than to blacken his fortune by marrying these rude girls.
The stepmother turned to Cinderella and shouted:

Why did you stop and look? Prepare the clothes.

Cinderella nodded and said:

Yes Mam!

Cinderella wanted more than anything to go to the royal party. But she did not dare to ask permission from her wicked stepmother, because she knew that the wicked stepmother would not give her this permission. So she busied herself with housework and of course preparing her half-sisters’ dresses.

The evening of the royal royal feast arrived.
A magnificent horse-drawn carriage pulled up to the front door of the house, and the half-sisters, dressed in their hand-embroidered dresses, entered the carriage with much pomp and show.
Cinderella looked at them with great sadness and sighed deeply.

She said to herself:

If I could only have one wish for the rest of my life, it would be to attend a royal party and get away from the dreaded and boring housework for just one night.

Suddenly, a great light appeared in the sky.
A small fairy appeared in front of Cinderella, holding a small wand.

Fairy said happily:

Your wish will come true!

Cinderella asked in surprise:


I will fulfill your wish; Because I am your fairy godmother. Oh, how much you have suffered in silence all these years. You have a kind soul. A kind and patient young lady.

Cinderella exclaimed happily

Raman the detective Stories for kids

Tenali Raman was once walking along a forest path when he was stopped by a merchant. “I’m looking for my camel which has strayed away. Did you see it passing by?” asked the merchant.

“Had the camel hurt its leg?” asked Raman.

“Oh yes! That means you have seen my camel!” said the merchant.

“Only its footprints. See, you can see footprints of an animal with three legs,” said Raman, pointing out the footprints on the ground. “It was dragging the other leg because it was hurt in that leg.”

“Was it blind in one eye?” Raman asked the merchant.

“Yes, yes,” said the merchant eagerly.

“Was it loaded it with wheat on one side and sugar on the other side?” asked Raman.

“Yes, you are right,” said the merchant.

“So you have seen my camel!”  exclaimed the merchant.

Raman looked upset. “Did I say I saw your camel?”

“You have given the exact description of my camel,” said the merchant.

“I saw no camel,” said Raman.

“Do you see those plants lined up on both sides of this path? You can clearly see, some animal has eaten leaves of plants on the left, but the plants on the other side remain untouched. So the animal could see with only one eye.

“Look down. You can see ants lined up on this side which means, the animal was loaded with sugar bag on this side. The bag had a hole, which allowed the sugar to fall off.”

“You can see grains of wheat fallen on the other side. The bag on this side also must have holes in it,” said Raman.

“I can see everything you showed me,” protested the merchant,”but I still don’t see my camel.”

“You follow this trail and soon you will catch up with your animal. After all it is hurt in one leg and you seem to be hale and hearty,” said Raman.

The merchant took his advice and followed the trail left by the camel.

Soon he caught up with the poor animal, limping along.

Hansel and Gretel stories for kids

In a green forest, there was a woodcutter living there by his wife and his two kids. His son’s name was Hansel and his daughter’s name was Gretel. They were very poor. There were times that they even hadn’t something to eat for a day. One day, our poor woodcutter didn’t have enough money for a loaf of bread.

So when the night came, he started to think and think. At the end, he whispered to his wife:

What will happen to us? We can not feed our kids. they are starving.

I know the solution dear! Said the wife. We will take the kids deep in the forest early in the morning. we will ignite a fire for them and we will give each of them a loaf of bread. Then we will leave them for good. They will never find us again and with this plan, we will get rid of them.

Oh no wife! I can not imagine how I’m gonna do that! I can’t leave my kids alone in the forest! Wild animals will find them and swallow them in a moment.

You stupid man! Yelled the wife! Then the four of us will die out of hunger! You better start and make the coffins.

After a while, the man seemed convinced.

OK! But I really am sad for my poor kids.

Not being able to sleep because of hunger, Hansel and Gretel heard what their step mom planned for them. they cried quietly. Gretel said:

This is the end of our story! We are going to die tommorow!

Be quiet Gretel and don’t afraid! I’ve got this.

He waited until both their parents went to sleep. Then he got up, put on his jacket and slipped out from the back door. He stood near the garden, where the white stones were shining under the moon’s light! He picked up as many stones as he could and filled his pocket with them.

Then he turned back to the house and said to his sister:

Keep calm dear and sleep in peace! God will never forget us!

next morning, just before the sunrise, the step mom came and said:

Wake up! Wake up you lazy kids. We have to go to the forest and cut woods for your father.

Then she gave each of them a bread and said:

This is your dinner. Don’t eat it until then!

Gretel take the bread and hide it under her apron, because Hansel had his pocket full of stones. Then they started their journey to the forest. In their way, Hansel took a stone from his pocket every now and then and dropped it on the ground.

When they reached the heart of the forest, they collect wood with their father and used it to make a fire to keeping them warm. When the fire was ready, The step mom said:

Now lie down and rest kids. Your father and I will collect woods and when we were ready to go, we will wake you up!

After a while, they became tired and fell sleep. When they finally woke up, it was night. Gretel started crying and said:
OMG! How shall we get of this forest?

Don’t even think about it sis! Wait a little bit, when the moon rises, we will easily find our way to home.

And when the full mon got up, Hansel took Gretel’s hand and started to follow the white stones that were shining like silver. They walk all the night and next morning, they reached their house. They knocked the door. When the wife opened the door and saw Hansel and Gretel, she said:

You naughty children! How many hours you slept in the woods! We thought you’ll never come back.

But their father was so happy for seeing his kids once again.

Not very long after, another scarcity came to that area. Gain the children heard their step mom talking to their father:

Everything is finished! We just have a half a loaf and after that we will die! We have to get rid of the kids! This time we will take them even deeper in the woods so they will never find us again.

The man wasn’t happy with this at all! He whispered:

I’d rather to share my last morsel with my kids.

But the tricky step mom didn’t listened to him at all and finally managed to convince him to redo the plan.

Children heard this conversation completely. When the parents went to sleep, Hansel got up and wore his jacket. He wanted to go and pick up more white stones, but the step mom had locked the door. Hansel didn’t manage to get out but he started to comfort his little sister:

Don’t cry little sis! Go to sleep! I’m sure God will help us!

Next morning, the step mom came and woke them up and gave each of them a little piece of bread. even less than before. On they way to the woods, Hansel crumbled the bread in his pocket and every now and then, he dropped a crumb on the ground.

Hansel strewed bread crumbs all along the road. Woman take them deep deep into the forest. Where they never been before in their short lives. Then again they collect wood and made a large fire. The step mom said:

Sit here, you children, and when you are tired you can go to sleep; we are going into the forest to cut wood, and in the evening, when we are ready to go home we will come and wake you up.

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