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5 Highly Popular Social Media Marketing Trends

When it comes to marketing for a business, social media can be an absolute lifesaver. These platforms allow businesses to reach hundreds to millions of viewers with ease. If you can get viral on social media, your business is likely to gain customers. With that in mind, here are five highly popular social media marketing trends.

  1. Short Form Content

It’s no secret that consumer attention spans have greatly decreased recently. This can be partially credited to TikTok, Vine, and other platforms surrounding short videos. It’s all too easy for modern consumers to see something visually stimulating and immediately move on. Because of this, utilizing short-form content is one of the most popular new business trends and Notable current business trends

In order to get the most out of short-form content, try to focus on visuals. If your video is immediately eye-catching, you have a greater chance of keeping viewers. You’ll also want to use engaging music. Try looking up popular TikTok songs for inspiration. Finally, don’t overstay your welcome. The moment your point has been made, the video should end abruptly. 

  1. Social Commerce

E-commerce has become a hugely popular way to buy goods and services, mainly due to its ease of use. Lately, younger consumers have taken this a step further by adopting social commerce. This type of transaction refers to sales completed on social media platforms. 

By using social commerce, you can effectively drop the middleman in your sales. The moment one of your ads is effective, the consumer can make a purchase without leaving the site. 

When using social commerce, be sure to connect the content with what you’re selling. If your video depicts a blue scarf, the commerce link shouldn’t lead to a pink sweater. You’ll also want to be sure that your exchange system is solid. Chat with people from the platform to ensure that every transaction is safe.

  1. Crisis Management Teams

Due to the wide reach of social media platforms, connecting with customers has never been easier. However, this ability to spread information globally can be a double-edged sword. If your company makes a mistake, it will likely be noticed by the online community. Unless you address this mistake in a timely manner, you may find yourself in dire straights.

Because of this concern, many companies have hired crisis management teams, often with an emphasis on social media. These individuals should know how to find content related to your business, as well as address concerns in an authentic manner. If something pressing is found, there should also be a chain of command in place.

  1. Relatability and Honesty

While social media posts are famously often phony and overly planned, relatability and honesty have become key on these platforms. This especially applies to younger millennials and Gen Z. These consumers have no interest in watching people that seem out-of-touch, overly privileged, or disingenuous.

Therefore, you may want to lean away from overly rehearsed marketing videos. In fact, a great way to sell your product is by abandoning salesmanship. Make videos pertaining to your business without trying to sell something. If you are clearly selling something, you can try acknowledging this by breaking the fourth wall. 

  1. Sustainability

Every year, sustainability has become more of a hot-button topic. Not only is the situation itself growing direr, but also social media is helping popularize environmental activism. More and more TikTok accounts are promoting sustainable practices, showing footage of activist events, and depicting the current effects of climate change. 

As a business with some level of influence and responsibility, it would be wise to get ahead of this trend. Start by showing viewers what you do to support the environment. Since many modern consumers make brand decisions based on ethics, this could increase your customer base. Afterward, make saving the environment a recurring topic in your videos.

Staying up to date on social media trends is essential if you’re in marketing. Follow new trends, use platforms regularly, and get creative!

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