5 reasons why you can’t refuse TAG wig

The origin of TAG wigs

When you hear TAG wig for the first time, you may be confused. TAG means tag. Does TAG wig refer to a wig that looks like a tag? Actually, TAG wig means “throw on and go wig“. You can also simply understand TAG wig as a wig that is as simple as sticking a label when wearing it.

TAG wig is a wig proposed and defined by Luvmehair, the most popular wig brand in North America in 2022. This wig is characterized by the pursuit of the easiest wearing. And on the basis of being easy to wear, the fashion and universality of wigs are strengthened. You can browse the TAG wig section of Luvmehair, and then you will find that the wigs in the TAG wig series are full of fluffy and very natural shapes. The right bangs can also play a role in modifying the face.

5 reasons why you can’t refuse TAG wig

1. TAG wig has been at the forefront of popular wigs

I’m sure many people will be wondering why TAG wigs have suddenly become so popular. In fact, all the styling designs of TAG wig are a scientific fashion. When designing and developing the TAG wig series of wigs, we will refer to the popular shapes and styles in the past ten years, and capture the factors that consumers care about most in the popular trend of wigs, and then put them into the latest styling design. So it is not difficult to find that TAG wig’s wig not only looks different from most of the current wigs, it is very innovative, but also has traces of retro, classic styling. The combination of innovation and classic is the fundamental reason why TAG wig is at the forefront of popular wigs.
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2.TAG wig can give you the most natural look

Many consumers who use wigs for the first time will worry that the wigs will look too unnatural, which will make others look at them differently. In order to solve this problem that consumers are extremely concerned about, TAG wig uses the highest quality human hair, so that TAG wig can have the most natural luster and shape. If you’re using synthetic wigs or wigs with synthetic hair, you may need to worry about static from friction — your wig will fly around like Meisha’s hair.

On the other hand, many wig players will pay attention to whether the hairline is natural. TAG wig also gave a satisfactory answer to this question. By designing natural and fashionable bangs, TAG wig cleverly hides the hairline under the beautiful bangs. In this way, TAG wig also avoids the embarrassment of using lace.

3. Easy glue-free installation

In the previous part of the article I talked about using TAG wig to avoid the embarrassment of using glue. 80% of wig users use glue when installing lace wigs. Although the use of glue allows the lace to blend into the scalp and give users of lace front wigs a more natural hairline, it also takes more time to complete the installation. In other words, the use of glue is often what makes installing lace wigs cumbersome.

If you purchased the TAG wig, you don’t need to use glue to complete the wig installation. Imagine you skip the tiresome process of applying glue to your scalp over and over and waiting for it to dry over and over again. You only need to spend a minute putting the wig on your head, then spend another minute trimming the ends of the wig for a perfect look.

The ultimate wearing experience of TAG wig will undoubtedly save you a lot of time.

4. A cheap and practical wig is irresistible

No one likes flashy things, just like no one likes cheap and practical things. It’s hard to find a wig that surprises you more than TAG wig at the same price on the market.
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I’m sure you’re fed up with “expensive junk” that costs thousands of dollars and doesn’t quite match the price. Yes, buying those expensive wig brands might make you feel like your vanity is fulfilled. But when the vanity fades and you are faced with a mess of wigs, you can only be left with endless regrets and anger. So instead of spending a fortune on a fancy-looking wig, why not pay a small price for a TAG wig that you can use for a long time and still show off your charm?

5.TAG wig is suitable for almost any age

For young people, the price of TAG wig is friendly, and its shape is also stylish. If you are a young person who is still studying, then this wig can make you look special enough. I don’t think you would reject a wig that catches everyone’s attention, right?

For a working professional woman, the TAG wig is decent. You won’t be criticized by your superiors for overly exaggerated looks. And the fashionable style that TAG wig gives you can also make you stand out among your colleagues. TAG wig is your most reasonable choice.

Therefore, among all types of wigs, TAG wig can satisfy friends of almost all ages. For young people, it’s special and classic enough. For mature women, it can make you look very youthful and energetic.


Strictly speaking, the best wig does not exist in the world. When we evaluate a wig, the dimensions of the evaluation are different, and the needs to be considered are different, so there will be different evaluation results. For consumers, perhaps many evaluation benchmarks are not important. What really matters is the consumer’s own consumption experience and the wig attributes that consumers personally care about. For those who enjoy spending time and effort installing full lace wig, using glue is perfectly acceptable. So they don’t think it’s a compliment to install wigs without glue. For people with glue allergies, glueless wigs are the heros who saves them from disaster. My article introduces you to the origin of TAG wig and 5 reasons why it is popular, I hope it will help you choose a wig!

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