6 Ways to Turn Your Opponents into Opportunities

When you play rummy online you will encounter situations which are favourable to you or sometimes find yourself not to be in control of it but either way it isn’t the end. There is always hope! As a skilled player you should understand all the rules and regulations and how to turn these situations into your favour. One of them is to learn how to turn your opponents into opportunities. In this blog we talk about 6 such ways you can use or do to turn your opponents into opportunities.

1. Watch how they Play

The rummy game is quite an interesting one and playing it seems simple from afar but requires pliers to acquire skills, strategies and tactics to win and ace it. When you play the online rummy game you get to move the cursor or have a look and gather information on the cards your opponent has, not much though but it kinda gives you an insight and helps you in your game. That is why this game is equally yours as much as it is for the other players or your opponents. Hence, keeping a close eye or keen watch over the game and the opponent is a good move and strategy and the first step to change your opponent into an opportunity.

2. Know when to Drop

A basic thumb rule that all the good players will give you is that it is very important yet crucial to know when to leave or drop in/ during the game. This game of cards isn’t predetermined hence the cards dealt to you are a surprise until you turn it over to check. Sometimes you do get dealt a bad set of cards and no matter what you do to try and change it into a good hand you can’t really do so. This is the time when optic put to drop is a sensible thing to do because you tend to lose fewer points in compassion to handle within the next hand and your opponent will be amazed at this move as well.
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3. Bluff your way to a win

Indian rummy is quite interesting and as the game progresses it only gets intense and intriguing for the players who are playing it – it always keeps the players at the edge of their seat throughout the game! While keeping a watch at your opponent and the moves he is making, you also must bluff. That means convincing your opponent to believe what you’re trying to show.

Usually, it is suggested to discard the high value cards but a good way to trick and tease them is by discarding low value cards at the initial stages. This is to make them believe that you’ve got a good hand this time and they might try to pack or fold just like that.

4. Use the Joker Wisely

When you play rummy online, you’ll realise the value and importance the Joker Card holds. You can’t be joking around with it 😀

Call it a lifeline or a triumph card but this joker card does help you a big deal as it can get you to win or set you free instantly. If you’re waiting on that one card to wrap up but for some reason it doesn’t seem to come or show up but you have a joker or get a joker instead- use it and voila!

5. Holding onto High Value Cards to Deceive your Opponent

Yes, we know this point is in conjunction with the previous point where we said that you can discard lower value cards to bluff or trick your opponent. Many times you will see players discarding high value cards as soon as they can just to save themselves to not lose out on the points in case they tend to lose the game. So, now let’s say you have the King of Diamonds and you’ve discarded it and your opponent has picked it up then you have to keep in not to give out adjacent cards that can or will help you opponent in making his pure set or sequence. When you hold onto these necessary cards, you’re making your opponent waste and lose out on valuable time as this will only work in your favour.
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6. Lower your Points

The main idea here is to trick your opponent and use them as an opportunity so lowering your points does help do so. When you get your cards, and you see them to make them into sets and sequences you already have a fair idea of what sets can or cannot be made and the points each of these cards hold.

In online rummy cash games, the rules are simple, the face cards or the high value cards carry a total of 10 points each. Hence, try to discard them ASAP given it doesn’t aid your opponent’s set.

Continue playing rummy cash games and enjoy a daily dose of thrill, entertainment, wins and learn new strategies along the way. We hope these points mentioned above help you and you find your next opportunity in your opponent when you play now!

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