A Guide to the Job and Work in UAE

The United Arab Emirates (UAE) is known for offering lucrative job opportunities. It attracts a large number of expatriates who are enthusiastic about building their careers and lives in the country. Expatriates make up nearly ninety percent of the UAE’s total population. People are drawn by the promise of a peaceful, serene, secure, and Tax-Free Environment. However, individuals looking to work in the UAE must exercise caution and care. The conduct needs to be under due diligence. It is vital to ensure compliance with legal requirements and specifications.


The Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratization (MOHRE) has established certain prerequisites. They must be followed by UAE-based companies or employers when offering job opportunities to prospective employees, workers, and the labor force. An Essential step in the process is the issuance of an official job offer letter by the employer. It should be under the MOHRE guidelines. This offer letter serves as a binding agreement between the parties involved. It can be verified for its validity on the MOHRE website. Once signed by both parties it can be scrutinized by either party on the official website.

Upon acceptance of the job offer, the employer is responsible for issuing an entry visa to the employee. This will allow them to enter the UAE and commence their employment. The employee’s employment visa will be finalized after they arrive in the UAE. Following this, successful completion of the required medical checks is needed. The procedures associated with the visa process must be complete.

No Work allowed on a Visitor Visa

It is crucial to note that it is strictly prohibited to work in the UAE while on a visitor visa. Engaging in work activities under a visit or tourist visa can lead to penalties and deportation. Additionally, employers are obligated to cover the costs associated with the employee’s visa. Henceforth, it is illegal for these costs to be passed on to the employee at any point.

Labour and Employment Contract: A Requirement

Once the employee has arrived in the United Arab Emirates, they are required to enter into a valid Labour and Employment Contract. This will reflect the terms outlined in the previously signed job offer letter. Employers are not permitted to make any changes to the terms stated in the offer letter. Take also support from Labour and Employment Lawyers.

Before signing the Labour and Employment contract, the employee should carefully review and understand its various clauses. They need to carefully understand the things including provisions regarding probation periods, notice periods, and whether the employment is limited-term or unlimited-term. The Labour and Employment contract is executed in three counterparts. One copy of it is retained by the employee.

It is advisable to conduct thorough due diligence before accepting any job offers in the UAE. This can include researching the employer’s website for additional information. There is a need of verifying their trade license details through the Unified Commercial Registration System maintained by the Ministry of the Economy.

Verifications through Online Research

Furthermore, it is recommended to utilize various online resources such as Google reviews, LinkedIn, and Glassdoor to gather information about the company. Speaking with existing employees can also help. This will verify the credibility of the employer and the work. Read about the Employment Lawyers in Dubai.

It is important to exercise caution regarding social media advertisements and hiring agencies that may attempt to charge fees for visas or employment offers.  Both of these practices are prohibited under UAE laws.

In conclusion, individuals considering job opportunities in the UAE should ensure they follow the necessary legal requisites. They should conduct thorough due diligence. Expatriates can set themselves up for a successful and rewarding career in the UAE

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