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In late February 2022, a horrible situation occurred in the fighting world that has not yet been resolved. Former heavyweight champion, humble man, and public favorite Kane Velasquez shot a man’s car and rammed it into his SUV. If you don’t know the context, it seems like the fighter has gone crazy from missing punches in his career. But no normal person would take the trouble to condemn the fighter and here’s why.

The alleged victim of those events is Harry Goulart. This male individual molested the fighter’s daughter. Kane did not go to the police but went after the 43-year-old perpetrator in search of his retribution. Goulart was not injured in that mess. Only his stepfather, who was in the car, was injured. Under U.S. law, Kane is charged with several dozen counts, one of which is attempted murder. You’ll find even more interesting sports news on our website.

The fighting world fully supports Kane and has launched a movement in support of the fighter. He has been joined by some celebrities not associated with the fight business and the sport. It’s a terrible situation that could cost the fighter his life. After all, Velasquez may not go free on the totality of the charges against him. In this article, we’ll look back at other cases where athletes have broken the law and served time for it.

Mike Tyson

Tyson is one of the most popular boxers in the history of the sport. Iron Mike began his career in 1985. Within 1 year, he had made it to contender status. In his title fight, he defeated Trevor Berbick by TKO in the 12th round. After that, he won several more belts and defended them. In ’90 he lost his belts against James Douglas. The next 4 fights again ended with the wins of the scandalous American. During this time, he often got into bad and strange situations. In the 91st year, something happened, that is the reason for Mike’s presence on this list.
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American model Dizair Washington wrote a statement against the most famous and popular boxer of those times. The girl accused Mike of rape. The court gave the athlete six years. It is worth highlighting some of Mike’s stories about prison.

In his first year, Mike was constantly in trouble. He was involved in conflicts and scuffles with guards and prisoners. After a while, the guy figured out that that’s no way to behave here. Tyson became more restrained and started working with the girl as a psychologist. Iron Mike himself said they got into a relationship with all sorts of tough stuff. Life was getting better when suddenly she decided to remind herself that you have to pay for everything. The scuffles at the beginning of his sentence didn’t go unpunished and the boxer got a year added to his sentence.

Mike had to pass a certain exam to get his sentence reduced, but the thing was, Mike was not too bright. The psychologist helped him pass. Tyson was not only able to get his sentence reduced by a year. For his good behavior, he was going to be released on parole after 3 years of imprisonment. According to the boxer, he didn’t even want to get out. That’s how he liked life in prison, where he was good with guards and inmates and had relationships.

After he got out of prison, not to say Mike settled down. There was a story about a bitten-off ear in a fight against Holyfield and some other scandals and remarks. Now Mike is known as a perfectly adequate man, quietly growing weed. Even major league athletes can make mistakes.

Patrick Coate

In the 1990s, there was a demand for taiga players in the NHL. Almost every team had hockey players who could only fight, scoring a ridiculous amount of points in their career. One such player was Patrick Coate. The player never expected to even score one puck in a season. The whole point of his game was to fight.
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He started his career in the 1996-96 season in Dallas. There he played 2 games and earned 5 minutes penalty. For the next two seasons, Coate played 3 games and earned 27 and 15 minutes of penalties, respectively. The peak of the wooden brawler’s career was 1997. That’s where Patrick went all-out. The player played 70 games and got 272 penalty minutes and even managed to get 3 points. He finished his NHL career in 2001.

This may have had something to do with Patrick stealing a car. When law enforcement caught him, the man also confessed to robbing two banks. Surprisingly, he only got 30 months in jail for this set. Of course, any continuation of his career in the NHL was out of the question. Strange, a man played in the strongest league in the world, got good money, and suddenly decided to steal a car and rob 2 banks.

World hockey has changed now. It’s no longer enough to be able to wave your fists exclusively. If a player can fight – that’s a definite plus. Players like this are loved but they have to be at the level of the league they play in. There are exceptions, of course, but these exceptions are in some beaten-down championships. World hockey has benefited from this development vector. Viewers don’t see the despicable acts when five scumbags can just beat up five of the opposing top players just because they can.

Alexander Emelianenko

The brother of one of the most famous Russian fighters Fedor Emelianenko. According to some coaches and fighters, Alexander was considered even more talented than his brother. However with discipline fighters always had huge problems. That is why he was not able to realize his full potential. However, his talent was enough to reach the level of a star and score some high-profile victories.

On May 19, 2015, Emelianenko went to places not so distant on a very unpleasant article. As far as is known, Emelianenko raped his housekeeper. The fighter himself naturally denies everything, but he served his sentence, albeit not completely.

After returning from prison, Emelianenko went to train in Chechnya, where he became in terrific shape. They say he was not allowed to drink, which is logical because alcohol is hard to come by in Chechnya. Junior Emelianenko had 5 fights and 5 wins and returned to the near-top level. However, after his high-profile victories, Alexander once again returned to the dubious road.

The fighter started drinking more and more often and getting into stories. Several times he even went to court for hooliganism. It came to the fact that in the fight against middleweight Magomed Ismailov, Emelianenko (heavyweight) suffered a crushing defeat and again went on a drinking binge. Having returned from there, Emelianenko began to fight against bloggers half his size, veterans, and middleweights. Looked as bad as possible in his fights. Now, the once good fighter can barely walk on his own two feet and is being treated for alcoholism. Nevertheless, Alexander threatens to go out to fight. We can only hope that he will survive after those fights. A very sad story of how a talented athlete could not cope with his demons. An interesting fact is that Emelianenko’s manager was also arrested on suspicion of rape.

Kokorin and Mamev

When the name of these two players comes up, the proverb about Biba and Bob comes to mind at once. Russian soccer is a unique thing. The biggest country in the world cannot get 11 people to play decently at the world level. There are many reasons for this, but the most important one is the huge salaries that don’t match the level of the players themselves. Because of the unreasonably high money, there are characters like Kokorin and Mamaev, who believe that they are allowed everything.

The footballers were walking around the city in a state of alcoholic intoxication and decided to visit a coffee shop. There, the legends, the real stars of Russian soccer, didn’t like something and started throwing chairs. Unfortunately for them, one of the officials was the target. The case received a wide resonance. There were lengthy trials, and the players ended up spending just over a year in jail. Finally, justice in Russia somehow worked, despite the people’s status. Too bad it rarely works.

Jason Williams

The most ridiculous landing on our top. Jason was a real star in 2002. He played for New Jersey. However, he wasn’t destined to reach his full potential. During a party, Jason gave a house tour to his friends and acquaintances and showed off his gun collection. The tour ended miserably for one man. The gun went off, and Williams went to serve a five-year sentence.

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