Amazing Features and Facts about the Bosch Circular Saw That Will Make You Want To Own One

As a woodworker, having the right equipment is key to productivity. This article will discuss some of the features and facts about the Bosch circular saws that make it a must-have cutting tool for any carpenter or DIY fan. Cutting large pieces of wood need not be a devastating experience.

Being a trusted brand, Bosch has a wide variety of circular saws that one can choose from for any cutting purpose. Here are some features and facts about them that will convince you that you need one, and it is worth the price.


It weighs about 10.3lbs which makes it comfortable and easy to use. When cutting large diameter logs, you don’t have to worry about the weight of the lumbar and the tool. Once you get a firm grip on it, you can make all the cuts you need. Since it’s not cumbersome, it can be used for a long period of time without inconveniencing the user.

You can carry it when you’re on the move. If you are a mobile worker you don’t have to stress about carrying it since it’s light.
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It can easily be packed and transported. This factor is especially important since the Bosch circular saw price in Kenya is highly affordable to all kinds of workers – stationary or mobile.


The best part about having the Bosch circular saw is that you have an option of choosing the cordless circular saw. It accords you a certain level of freedom desired by everyone – the freedom to move. Since it’s cordless, you can make turns while cutting blocks from logs with large diameters without having to turn the log.

You don’t need to look for an electric source every time you get to a work station since it’s powered by long lasting batteries. There is also no need to bring your work next to the power outlet in fear that you might go too far and it will get unplugged.

High speed and power

Bosch circular saws are made with astonishing high speeds to help you finish those orders and repairs in time. This improves your productivity rate. Their high power makes them suitable for use on any kind of wood, including hardwood without compromising the outcome.

It can also carry out heavy work on different kinds of projects.
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The affordable Bosch circular saw price in Kenya has no effect on this excellent feature of the equipment.

Adjustable depth and angles

This feature of the Bosch circular saws makes them highly accurate during use. Since you can adjust the angles, it increases the visibility of the workspace ensuring that you make the cuts precisely and neatly.

Spare parts availability

Bosch tools are made to last for long. When your circular saw is still in good shape but some of the parts are worn out, do not fear or fret. The spare parts are readily available to ensure that you replace worn out parts and accessories so that you can continue enjoying the tool.
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Bosch circular saw is affordable and has a lot of advantages that make it worth the price. You can experience it for yourself by getting one for yourself and definitely make work easier and enjoyable.

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