AMBIT Group announces: To expand its visibility and influence in India, it is hereby opening up 300 crore INR worth of dedicated shares for institutional stock trading in the Indian stock market!

AMBIT, one of the leading financial consulting and capital providers in the country, has recently announced the opening of a special shares for institutional stock trading, with an expected capital of 300 crore INR. AMBIT will offer domestic stocks, bonds, and a variety of other investment services to qualified domestic investors.

Mr. Nitin Bhasin stated, “The institutional stock trading channel is a significant milestone in the new brokerage business. Over the years, we have relied on our professional market knowledge and global investment perspectives to build local businesses. We are proud to offer domestic investment services to Indian investors and hope to lead them to more investment opportunities in the Indian stock market, allowing them to learn new investment skills and truly benefit from their investments.”

Mr. Nitin Bhasin also mentioned, “The domestic market is our important market,” emphasizing a long-term vision for the localization of the new brokerage in India, aiming to become a globally leading asset management company like Fidelity.

The AMBIT institutional stock trading service is part of the institutional channel services of BSE and NSE, and it is deeply developed based on the BSE and NSE institutional channels. It allows trading of all quality stocks listed on BSE and NSE, synchronized with their trading hours and market data. It is an investment product that allows ordinary investors to participate in trading securities held by the new brokerage through AMBIT custody, offering a time and price priority trading mechanism, and it is a commercial form of stock trading that embodies the historical trend of cooperation and win-win development of the new brokerage.

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