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Anuradha Bhat Whole life and career at a glance:-
one of the well known and predominant singer of the south Indian music. At the same time, she is one of the valuable asset of the whole Indian music industry who sung over 5000 songs in her life time so far and very amazingly those songs are over 14 languages. This person we are talking about, her father name is “Mr. Srikrishna Bhat” and her mother is “Mrs. Gayathri Srikrishna Bhat” birth place is in Mangalore of Karnataka. Her parents are die hard music fans. Her younger sister’s name is “Anupama Bhat” and she is a popular TV anchor/actor.
“Anuradha Bhat” received her basic education from “Carmel English School”, “St. Ann’s Girls High School”, “Canara College”, “MSNM Besant Institute of PG Studies” and gained her B.Sc degree and MBA with high flying colors. She then got placed in the “Human Relationship department” of a well known multinational company of Bangalore. But she had a deep love for music in the deep of her love, she decided to left her job and devote all her everything to the music and this way she enhance her musical quality and abilities.
Training on the fine arts went hand in hand for this legendary person. She gained training on the “Bharathnatyam” from “Mrs. Kamala Bhat” and completed her basic on “Bharathnatyam”. She also received training for “Carnatic classical vocal”, “devotional” and “light music singing” from “Late. Sri M. Srinath Marathe”. She learnt to play the instrument Veena from “Mrs. Ranganayaki Varadarajan” in the early of her chilhood. These all activities took her to win a lot of prizes and awards at the very early of her age.
At this part of this article lets take our eyes on the matter of career of this singer when we all have come to the career of her. Meanwhile, it is her singing career by which she come to the front of the media and we all come to know about her.
Here are the names of the songs and these are only those by which she gained such huge fame in the whole Indian sub-continent.

Anuradha Bhat Track List::

Song Name Links
Appa I Love You Download
Sundari Download
Manasina Download
Neeli Neeli Download
Saaku Saakinnu Download
O Baby Download
Maathella Marethe Hoythu Download
Chandamama Download
Naa Gudisi Download
Neenu Iradhe Download
Arey Arey Download
Sum Sumne Download
Parichayisu Download
Life Is Beyond You Download
Baare Kunthkolae Download
Idu Yaatharada Download
Hayagi Haraadi Download
Neenu Iruvaga Download
Chanana Chanana Download
Mysore Paakalli Download
Sri Krishna Download
Aleyo Alegale Download
Ninna Naanu Download
Malla Malla Download
Ambika Download
Nee Eshtu Muddu Download
Melkote Hudugi Download
Summane Idde Naanu Download
Gaaliyalli Eejuvaase Download
Aase Aase Download
Mouna Moundadalli Download
Baite Baite Download
Naaniralu Download
Jingichaka Jingichaka Download
Panchamaveda Download
Nee Adada Maathu Download
Maleye Maleye Download
Olavanu Helu Download
Gandu Makkalu Download
Gulabi Kennege Download
Moodal Seeme Download
Jinta Ta Download
Neene Kane Download
Vottal Kannole Download
Jothe Jotheyali Download
Poli Putta Download
Ee Mouna Download
Baachiko Download
Dil Dhadak Dhadak Download
Avatthu Nanna Download
Nanmele Kopa Yake Download
Preethiyalli Naanu Download

Anuradha Bhat Awards

These are all songs and films names which are mostly known to the fans. Same time, it is better to mention that, there are lot more songs she had sung as we have mentioned in the top that more then 5000 songs and it is not possible to gather them all at a time. From this point of view, you predict the fact easily, if you want to see them all then you better keep your search on about them and we hope you will have them easily from the others online source.
Now lets take a look on the names of the awards she gained so far and same way these are also going to be the most prestigious one.

– “Karnataka State Film Award for Best Female Playback Singer” in the time of 2012–13 for the song “Jnaanajyothi” and the Movie is “Little Master”

– “Filmfare Award for Best Female Playback Singer of Kannada” in 2015 for the song “Chanana Chanana” from the movie “Ugramm”

– “Zee Music Award for Best Female Singer of 2015” for the song “Usiraaguve” and the movie was “Bahuparaak”

– “Honored by The Newspapers Association of Karnataka” with the “Media Acievement Award” in the category of “Best Playback Singer of 2015”

– Karnataka Chitra Rasikara Sangha presented the “Best Playback Singer Award of 2015” for the song “Irali Hege” and the movie was “Benkipatna”

– “Red FM Tulu Film Awards of 2015” in the category of “Best Playback Singer” for the song “Mahamaaye” from the Tulu movie known with the name “Chaali Polilu”

– Gained the “Aryabhata International Award of 2015” for her contribution in the field of playback singing

So are the most basic information about this singer and if you think you need more to know about her then you better keep rolling your search about her.

*** Anuradha Bhat Social Page – Facebook, Twitter

*** Anuradha Bhat – Wikipedia

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