Best 3 Ways to Convert WAV to MP4

It is true that technology gets more advanced year after year. From vinyl up to digital audio files, there is a growing number of different formats that are becoming available in the market. About 2 to 3 decades ago, Windows is the most prominent operating software. This led the way for Waveform Audio (WAV) format, one of the compatible files to use in Personal Computers (PC).

In the modern-day, mobile devices mostly use MP4 or the MPEG-4 format. It is widely used as it can deliver richer and better quality and is compatible with most devices. If you currently have a WAV file, it is highly suggested to convert it to MP4 for easier playback. If you are wondering how to convert WAV to MP4?

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Here are some of the best programs to use.

This is one of those conversion websites that has a simple and easy-to-use interface. It offers not just audio conversion, but other media files such as videos, documents, images, and even e-books. As of writing, the site is available in 15 languages which makes it easy to use even for non-English speakers.
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To use this online tool to convert WAV to MP4, start by visiting then tap on the “Choose File” button. Upload the file with a WAV format, which is also possible from a computer (including Drag and Drop), Google Drive, and Dropbox. Set the format to MP4 and wait till the website finishes the conversion. Once done, you may now download the converted file.

Freemake Video Converter

The Freemake Video Converter is more popular as YouTube Downloader., yet offers a file converter as well that can support plenty of both popular and rare formats. Based on their list of supported formats, it can also convert file format from WAV to MP4. Start by downloading and installing the software, then open the program. On the home screen, choose Audio and upload the unprotected WAV file. There will be an option in the lower part of the screen to indicate what output file is preferred for the conversion.
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Click on MP4, then a pop-up window will appear to choose for a specific reference. After clicking on the “Convert” button, free users can only choose “Continue with Logo”. Once done, check back on the destination folder you have chosen earlier. Premium users have a shorter time to wait for the process to finish, while free users may have a wait a little longer.

Just like, it covers more than just audio conversion that includes mathematical solutions like for units. However, the other options for different media formats could be very limited. Good thing is that if you are specifically looking to change WAV to MP4, it is also available on this website. Functionality is the same as the first website, but the interface can be confusing due to the number of ads on the page. Creating an account will be required for free access whenever converting larger files than the allowed limit.

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