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Do you know the way it feels once you have screamed your way to the top of a rollercoaster’s first steep hill? When the first car goes over the edge, you feel a small jerk, and afterward, your stomach drops, knowing that the great, weightless drop is coming, and you’ll be trapped in the harness for the rest of the ride.

Well, this isn’t the case when it comes to skydiving. The feeling of falling is obviously nonexistent since skydivers do not experience visual depth till the very end of the jump. Rather, the world appears flat, as if it were a map. This sport is totally one of those experiences that you’ll remember for the rest of your life, tell your friends about, and relive in your memory.

You need to wear an open-face helmet while learning this sport. The British Parachute Association (BPA) suggests that you don’t wear a full-face helmet until you get your B license, and certain drop zones have even stricter rules. Full-face helmets have both advantages and disadvantages. They provide improved protection against the elements, but users may encounter problems that take some expertise to resolve.

Lens Fog On Open-Face Helmets

The lens can fog up for a variety of reasons, including being too cold or too humid. Although the remedy is easy, this may be too much to consider if you are just beginning to learn the sport. Furthermore, due to wear and tear, the lenses must be replaced from time to time. It’s an additional expense, but not a significant one. Lastly, when compared to an open-face helmet, older full-face helmets have such a limited visual field.

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Wearing protective headgear is mandatory, and you’ll need a good helmet that will keep your head safe. The helmet should be built of the highest quality materials and designed to provide you with the best possible experience. You don’t have to search much further if you’re looking for the best skydiving helmets since we have personally picked them out for you.

Top 4 of 2022’s Top Parachuting Helmets:

1. Benny Advanced Skydiving Helmet

The BENNY Advanced Skydiving Helmet is the best option for skydivers looking for a higher level of comfort on a budget. It has an improved inner lining for maximum comfort, and the goggle strap channel is designed to provide a secure fit over your head. Internal audible pockets in the closed ear design are gentle and protect your ears from the wind when diving.

This is the best helmet in its price range. It’s not only inexpensive, but it’s also rather comfy, to the point that you might forget you’re wearing it. This entire helmet is also made of stainless steel, with a high-impact ABS for added strength and durability.

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2. Cookie G3 helmet

The Cookie G3 is an evolution of G3’s full-face helmets. If you prefer a helmet that complements your skydiving suit, you can have it in a variety of colors. Obviously, this is a bit expensive, but you’re getting a high-quality and high-impact ABS helmet that’s well worth it.

Even in the most severe accidents, this helmet provides exceptional endurance and is unbreakable. It incorporates an easy-to-open and close locking system that considerably improves safety. You can bring your GoPro with you and capture amazing viewpoint footage with its roller mount.

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3. Parasport Fairwind Skydiving Helmet

The Parasport Fairwind has a design that alleviates your concerns about your safety. The strap is positioned in such a way that it prevents entanglement, which is excellent. It’s a fantastic helmet for students because it’s inexpensive and doesn’t break the bank.

The comfort-liner is one of the characteristics that makes you feel at ease and helps you avoid allergies when trying this sport. Even though the price of this helmet is not extremely expensive, there is no sacrifice in quality, making it an excellent pick.

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4. Bollé Synergy Helmet

The Bollé Helmet is an excellent helmet for both parachuting and skiing. The helmet’s padded lining is quite comfortable and offers great head protection. You may also wash the helmet to make it much more hygienic and comfortable to wear. You can also use goggles with the helmet, which will greatly improve your vision.

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