Are you considering buying wristwatches online? Join the masses! Watches are now among the most sought-after online purchases. However, as you might have seen, the vast range of brands and styles can be complicated. Here are some suggestions that may help to narrow down your choices.

There is first the issue of the size. Watches have become much more prominent in the last few years. While a typical watch for men could have been 32-35mm a few years ago, modern men’s watches are typically 38-42mm, and some reach as high as 55mm. Rectangular watches tend to be smaller than round ones, and the typical case width for a rectangular watch for men is between 28 and 34mm. The larger watches look fantastic in photos, but unless you’ve had the pleasure of trying one and you like it – big watches can be a conversation piece, but it’s best to stay within that 40mm to 40mm range.

Watches for women have become larger, but most women prefer wearing male watches nowadays. A big watch on a woman’s wrist could make a striking style statement. If you’re shopping for a ladies average size watch, anything smaller than 24mm is classified as “petite”, 24-28mm “average”, as well as the 28mm or more are considered to be larger. A typical size women’s rectangular watch is 18-22mm.

Quartz vs Mechanical.

You might have heard of the words “quartz” watch and “mechanical” or “automatic” watch but aren’t sure of the difference between them or which one is superior. Quartz watches are electronic devices, typically powered by batteries; however, some are solar while others run on kinetic energy.
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A high-quality quartz watch is highly accurate and reliable, and they’re also comparatively less costly than mechanical ones. The only maintenance required is an occasional change of batteries. Quartz watches are the most suitable choice for people looking for an affordable and solid watch that can tell the time.

Most Citizen watches feature the technology known as “Eco-Drive”, which is simply a fancy term for calling a solar-powered quartz watch. Solar-powered watches don’t come with batteries you need to replace, but instead, an internal capacitor that can provide power for the watch for a few months once fully charged. Casio, as well as a variety of other brands, also offer solar-powered watches.
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A mechanical watch is an electronic watch powered by springs that turn through a series of gears and then the hands.
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It’s a traditional technology that dates back some hundred years. “Automatic” mechanical watches are self-winding. The way they work is that a tiny rotating rotor located on the inside of the watch’s movement can rotate when you wear the watch. While the rotor spins, it is wound by the spring, which supplies energy to your watch. If your spring has been fully wound up, you are likely to run the watch for approximately 42 hours before needing to be wound once more.

Mechanical watches like Ball watch are in high demand among people who collect watches and watch collectors. An automatic watch of good quality can last for years and can even be a precious heirloom when adequately maintained.

Analog vs Digital

Analog watches are watches that have moving hands, and Digital watches are watches with a tiny LCD or LED screen which displays time in digital format. Analog watches are believed to be more refined, classy, and more traditional. The purpose of the analogue watch is generally restricted to time, day or date and may also be an alarm or stopwatch. Digital watches usually offer more features than analogue watches. The latest digital watches have features like electronically-controlled compasses, altimeters, thermometers, barometers, and numerous alarms.

Another thing to take into consideration to consider is “crystal”. Crystals are a piece of glass that is used to cover the dial. Crystals are typically made of mineral glass, acrylic and cultured sapphire. Acrylic can scratch easily, but it can also be polished to remove minor abrasions.

Mineral glass is more resistant to scratches than acrylic. However, it cannot be polished after being scratched, but it’s pretty inexpensive to replace. A watch that has a high-quality mineral crystal will hold up reasonably well if you like your watches to be gentle.

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