Can we carry a vape on an airplane?


The question of whether a vape can be transported on board an airplane is very interesting in itself, because it should be answered not only based on the rules of airlines, but also from the point of view of the legislation of the country where the aircraft is going. For example, in Thailand, which is a favorite of Ukrainian tourists, for vaping, possession and even importation of a vape is threatened with imprisonment for up to 10 years. Similar, but not so tough measures await vaping enthusiasts in a number of other locations. Therefore, you should first make sure that the legislation of the point of arrival is loyal to vapers. Otherwise, there is every chance, as they call it, from ship to ball to go to jail and stretch your vacation for a fairly decent period of time. 

Having made sure that on arrival you will not have to contemplate the local beauty from a small lattice window of a stuffy and smelly prison cell, you can proceed to the study of the rules of transportation. Of course, they differ from airline to airline, but the basic requirements are roughly the same. Immediately there are doubts about the battery of the device – theoretically it can explode on board due to pressure changes. On the other hand, cell phones also have batteries. The second point is the liquid for sub systems and other vapes. The fact is that the transportation on board an airliner of any liquids is strictly regulated. As we see, there are questions, now let’s try to answer them. 

An important point that should not be forgotten

Even if the points of departure and arrival are loyal to vaping legislation, it is strictly forbidden to vaporize on board. For such actions, you can not only pay an impressive fine – the passenger can be handed over to the police on arrival. It is a shame if the aircraft makes a connection, for example, in Thailand. There, a fan of vaping is an extremely undesirable guest, as we have already told you. But there are special smoking/smoking areas in airports – you can have a smoke or two there quite legally. But only in the designated areas, as the fines in many countries are draconian – you won’t have much left for your vacation. 

What you need to know about vape transportation on board an airliner

In brief, it is possible to transport a vaping device and vaporizer fluid on an airplane. But there are restrictions and nuances that you just need to know about.

Vape battery as a threat to aircraft safety  

The situation with batteries is not simple – they are considered a potential threat, since there have been cases of fire or explosion of batteries during the flight. That’s why it’s important to get it right:

If you own a vape with a replaceable lithium-ion battery, you should remove it, put it in a pouch or light-tight bag and place it in your carry-on luggage.  

If the battery is non-removable, such as in sub-systems, it is recommended to discharge it completely and present it at the airport control – say, look, the battery is discharged, so it is safe. But this can only be done with reusable pods and rechargeable disposables. Classic disposable e-cigarettes cannot be recharged, so it’s up to the discretion of the security service – you can’t rule out that they will ban them in your hand luggage.  

Vape with a battery is not allowed in luggage. If it is found there during the inspection, they can not only confiscate it, but even call the police to clarify the circumstances. It’s even worse when a vaping device with a battery is found later, but the bag has not yet been loaded on board. There are several options: the luggage may simply be left at the point of departure or the owner may be removed from the flight before departure. 

Vaporizing liquids: transporting them correctly

You can carry only factory-made vaping liquids and ingredients for creating self-samples, for example, flavorings, glycerin, propylene glycol. Components for making liquids must be put in your luggage. But! It is forbidden to take with you self-mixes, concentrated nicotine or capsules.

It is important to remember that the volume of a bottle of liquid in hand luggage should not exceed 100 ml, and in total, taking into account the luggage, you can take up to 1 liter of liquids. However, for fans of pods such restrictions are insignificant, unless, of course, they are not trying to carry a wholesale batch of liquids.

How not to become a terrorist

If you carry a serviced vape and tools to work with the system, then all sorts of screwdrivers, scissors, pliers should be handed in the luggage. Otherwise their detection in hand luggage can lead to trouble – what if you are a terrorist, and the listed items are instruments of crime?

Finally, we wish you all a pleasant flight and enjoy your favorite taste of steam (but not on board an airliner)!

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