Car accident claim in Folsom: Variables that matter for your settlement

Road accidents in Folsom often have disastrous outcomes for everyone involved. If you were involved in a car crash in the city and sustained consequential losses due to another party’s negligent driving, you should take a look at California laws. The state has simplified laws, but even with that, victims of car accidents often fail to get a fair outcome. In your interest, consider visiting the Law Office of Brian P. Azemika for a case review. An injury lawyer can offer bespoke advice on the worth of your claim. In this post, we are discussing the variables that matter for your settlement.

  • Your fault: If you were also at fault, California’s pure comparative fault rule would determine what you get in a settlement. The good news is you can sue the other liable driver in most circumstances, even if you are primarily the one causing the accident. However, whatever you win will not be the final amount you get. The settlement will be adjusted according to your fault, which is calculated in percentage.
  • Your action: Did you inform the local law enforcement after the crash? Did you seek prompt medical care? Did you follow your doctor’s advice? Did you accept fault at the scene? What you do after an accident is also relevant to the claim. The insurance company will try to gather details that can be used against you.
  • Your injuries: If you sustained severe or traumatic injuries in a car accident, your compensation will likely be higher. Besides your immediate medical care expenses, you could also recover the cost of long-term treatments and therapy. California laws also allow you to recover money if you lose your ability to earn because of the mishap.
  • Your income losses: Following your accident, you may have missed work, which may have led to financial losses. When your lawyer evaluates the claim, they will consider this aspect and ensure your compensation covers income and wage losses.

Get a lawyer

Besides the four factors, there could be unique elements to your claim. Don’t let anyone tell you your car accident claim is not worth pursuing. Because injury lawyers work on a contingency fee and without an upfront payment, you have the option to hire a legal ally and give your best shot. Contact an attorney immediately and let them investigate the mishap to uncover facts, evidence, and details that can help prove fault. Your lawyer will also gather witness testimonies.

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