Competitive Strategy for the Online Game Andar Bahar

Overview of andar bahar go

The history of the card game known as andar bahar go can be trace back to the culture and customs of India. Although it is a relatively simple card game, there is a significant role play by random chance in it. Playing the Joker card in conjunction with other cards from either the Andar or Bahar sides of the game board is the primary objective of the game.

When the game resumes after a break, the first round of betting takes place immediately after the game begins. Bets can be place on either the Andar or the Bahar side of the pot by the players. Players are free to choose where they want their money to go. After the players have place their wagers, the dealer will then reveal the card values to them and determine the payouts for any wagers that match the value of the Joker card. This will take place after the players have place their wagers. Every single payout is distribut in a manner that is completely compliant with the conditions that were outline.


The Joker, which is always dealt with its face up, is reveal after the standard deck of 52 playing cards has been shuffle. The Joker is the first card that is expose after the shuffle. The players of Andar Bahar place their wagers with the dealer at a table that has been adapt specifically for their game. And the dealer then collects those wagers from them. After the bets have been place, the dealer will hand one card to each player at the table, and that card will be expose to the other players. The time has come to decide who the winners are and to hand out the prizes.


A Joker card with its illustration facing up is place in the middle of the Andar Bahar table by the dealer. Not only will this card decide who the winner of the game is, but it will also determine how the game comes to a close. Both of those outcomes are going to be determine by it. The croupier then collects wagers on the various games. Because only Andar and Bahar can be bet on, both players have equal possibilities of winning. This is because there are only two possible outcomes to choose from in the situation.

After the totals of all of the bets have been tall. A single card will be dealt with the face-up side facing each of the sides after the completion of the counting of all of the wagers. After carefully examining each card and contrasting it with the Joker card, the face value of each card is then calculate and assign. If the Joker card, for instance, is a nine of hearts. Then the game is consider to have been win by any side that possesses a card with a value of nine, regardless of the suit the card is in.
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However, if the Joker card is an ace of spades, then the game continues as normal. Following that, players will be pay out in accordance with the rules that have been establish for the game that is being discus.


The players are given the option to take part in the side bets after the Joker card has been dealt out to them. However, they are not require to do so.

You have the option of placing side bets base on the number of cards that will be deal after the Joker card has been usee.

The total number of cards that will be deal serves as the determining factor for these bets.

If the total value of the cards that are deal after the Joker adds up to an odd number. Then Andar will come out on top as the winner of the game.

If the total value of the cards dealt after the Joker is even, regardless of who start the game. Bahar wins the game and takes all of the points.

Andar and Bahar will each get their cards in turn, but the delivery of those cards will be spread out over a longer period of time.

When playing certain variations of the game or when the game is being play at certain casinos. The order of the cards that are dealt may very well be completely arbitrary. This is because the order of the cards that are deal is determine by the dealer.



Joker Side Bets (Middle Card Side Bets)

Bets on the middle card can be place at any time before first card, which is the Joker. In the following paragraphs, we’ll cover the several forms of middle card side bets and their probabilities and expect values. These bets can be place alongside the main game of blackjack.

After Joker Side Bets (After Middle Card Side Bets)

 After joker side bets, also known as after middle card side bets. Dealer accepts wagers after showing a middle card to players. These bets can also be refer to as after middle card side bets. After middle card side bets is another name for these types of wagers that can be use. In the following paragraphs, we will discuss the numerous types of middle card side bets that you can place. As well as the probabilities and expect values associate with each of these bets in their own right. These bets can be place alongside the main game of blackjack.

You have the option of betting on the total number of cards in play as an additional betting option.

In order to participate in the Andar and Bahar bets, it is necessary to place these bets before the dealer deals out the cards. These wagers, along with the one for Andar and Bahar, are place simultaneously in the overwhelming majority of instances. In the following paragraphs, we’ll discuss the different types of middle card side bets and their probabilities and expect values.These bets can be place alongside the main game of blackjack.


This game can be play in a few different ways. The majority of which can be differentiate from one another base on the range of side bets that are offer by the establishment where it is being play. In spite of this, the core components of the game play have not been alter in any way at all.

The expression can be understand in a variety of ways, see list below:

  • Katti
  • Ullae Veliye
  • Mangatha


Payouts will be given to those players who correctly predict the outcomes of Andar and Bahar.  Mangatha Side bet payouts on the Joker card or dealt cards. Main bet payouts are base on the game’s rules.

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