How Do I Connect Windows VPS using Remote Desktop from Different Operating Systems

RDP, also known as Remote Desktop Protocol, enables you to establish a connection with a Windows VPS. With RDP, individuals can connect to their Windows VPS from any location worldwide.

In this article, we will guide you on how to connect to a Windows VPS using the Remote Desktop Protocol. Acquire benefit of windows forex mt4 vps server hosting for trading with lowest price services.  If you’re looking for reliable sources to find Windows VPS options, DedicatedCore and DomainRacer are highly recommended sites.

Remote Desktop Protocol(RDP)

It is possible to connect to a Windows VPS from a remote location using remote desktop protocols. Among the many components of the Windows operating system is the Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP). It connects Windows remote desktops. 

You can access and work on your computer using this software that comes with all versions of Windows. RDP allows you to control your computer as if you were sitting in front of it. DedicatedCore offers top-tier RDP VPS plans.

 VPS servers from DedicatedCore and DomainRacer offer reliable, high-speed service with minimal latency time.

Windows Server Operating System: What is it?

It’s easy to integrate third-party software with Windows, which Microsoft sells.

VPS is created by Microsoft’s technical team, so they need little technical knowledge to operate. The administration of Windows servers is also simpler compared to that of Linux servers.

You can purchase whm cpanel fully managed SSD vps hosting to get free backup services. Hosting-related tasks can be simplified by the interface of the Windows operating system.

You may want to use the ASP.NET framework if your business processes are integrated with Microsoft software. It makes sense to choose Windows as the operating system.

The ability to access your Windows VPS is another impressive feature. With its interface, DedicatedCore VPS hosting is easy to access. A Windows OS server can be administered in a simple and hassle-free way, unlike Linux OS, which requires Secure Shell protocol.

Linux servers are managed through the cPanel control panel, while Windows servers are managed through Plesk.

With its intuitive GUI, Windows is more comfortable for users than Linux.

Access a Windows VPS or RDP server on Windows OS


  1. Click on Start, All Programs, Windows Accessories, and then Remote Desktop Connection.
    – OR –
  2. You can run it from Start > Windows System.
  3. Then click on Ok. Into the textbox, type mstsc.
  4. In the Computer field, enter the IP address and port number of your server and click Connect. Here is an example of Replace the IP address and port number with those of your actual VPS.
  5. There will be a new window appearing. Click on the OK button after entering your Username and Password.
  6. Following the OK button, you will see a warning about SSL certificates. Click on the Yes button to continue to the next step, and ignore this warning message.

Well done! It has been successful for you to log into your Windows VPS.

The Remote Desktop Connection window requires the Computer name/IP address: port regardless of the operating system or client software. You can buy server with USA’s best price VPS hosting provider to get unlimited bandwidth.

Access a Windows VPS or RDP server on a Mac


  1. Mac devices by default do not come with Remote Desktop Connection software. So, you need to download/install/run “Microsoft Remote Desktop” from the AppStore.
  2. On the Microsoft Remote Desktop screen, click the “New” button (+). Several fields must be filled out.
    Put a name for the connection, whatever you like!
    Name of the PC : Enter the server/VPS hostname(ex: or its IP ( ex:
    Password & Username: The credentials for the destination server.
  3. The desktop you’ve configured can now be accessed by double-clicking it.
  4. It’s done! Upon successful connection to a Windows VPS or RDP server, you will see the final screen.

Access A Windows VPS Or RDP Server On Ubuntu


Using Remmina, you can connect to a remote Windows VPS running on Ubuntu machines.

  1. Browse the app list and open Remmina or RDP. Click on the “+” icon at the top left of the app. Afterward, the server’s IP address, username, and password would be prompted.
  2. Furthermore, you can choose the color depth and resolution. To get started, click “Save and connect”.
  3. Many platforms are available for accessing Windows VPS. DedicatedCore Windows VPS RDP makes it easy to work from one computer. Whenever you switch between workstations or computers, you can resume your work.
Access A Windows VPS Or RDP Server On Linux


Almost any Linux distribution can connect to your VPS via rdesktop, an open-source client. 

  1. This URL will take you to the rdesktop client –

  1. Run the following command in the Terminal once Rdesktop is installed on your Linux system: 

rdesktop VPS_IP_Address…(For RDP services configured on a port) OR

rdesktop VPS_IP_Address:port number…(for non-standard RDP ports)

  1. Click Right Arrow on the login prompt and enter the administrator password and username for your VPS.


VPS and Dedicated Servers running Windows are eligible for Remote Desktop Connection. The Hosting Server is not accessible to Windows Shared Hosting users.


Remote Desktop is a simple way to connect to a Windows VPS from different operating systems with a few steps. By enabling Remote Desktop and configuring the necessary network settings on the Windows VPS. Various operating systems, like macOS, Linux, and Windows, can establish a secure connection. On DedicatedCore and DomainRacer, you can buy Windows VPS.

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