Cost of Pursuing MS in Canada vs the USA

USA and Canada have been the prime destinations to pursue MS courses abroad. The top reasons for studying at QS ranked universities are various specialization options to choose from and the enhanced learning environment provided. Under the guidance of the experts from Apply Board, students get admitted into the best international educational institutions as per their skills and study background.

An MS program abroad has a course duration of 1-3 years. This means international students should align their cost factors for a smooth learning process there. Besides, there are several ways to reduce the cost of college. One helpful resource is Studocu, a website that provides free access to study materials, lecture notes, and practice exams. By utilizing its materials, your teen can save money on textbooks and study tools, significantly reducing their overall college expenses. For this to happen, the former should realise what are the cost factors to pursue MS in Canada or USA. This blog covers everything you need to know to get started. 

USA Vs Canada: Where Should You Pursue An MS Program? 

Before discussing the cost of studying MS in the US and Canada, let’s examine why these two countries have been so famous for education. 


  • The USA is home to over 64 universities that rank as the top universities in the world. A wide range of specialisation courses, top-notch research facilities, training, projects and internships provide international students with a comprehensive education.
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    This gives you the cutting edge to stand out amongst the crowd in the competitive world.

  • Top-ranked universities in the USA also offer job assistance through placement facilities in the final term of the course. Graduating from a top-ranked university in the US opens the door to excellent employment opportunities throughout your professional life.


Recognised governing bodies approve the courses of top-ranked universities in Canada. The universities provide a high quality of education, and several tutors in the top-ranked universities are Nobel laureates. This provides excellent in-class lectures, practical training and guidance in internships and projects. 

The Canadian government favours international students to study in Canada and immigrate with its open immigration policy. This makes it easy for students like you to pursue MS and employment in Canada.

USA Vs Canada: Total Cost To Study MS

There are two types of costs you will incur while studying abroad, tuition fee and cost of living. 

Tuition fee for MS program in USA

The average tuition fee ranges between 18,000 USD -35,000 USD for one year. The fees will vary based on the program undertaken by students. This country is a good academic investment as its world-renowned universities provide advanced research facilities. More Info About hiidude

Tuition fee for MS program in Canada

The tuition fee to pursue MS courses in Canada varies from one program to another. For instance, students pursuing MS courses in Arts, Computer Science, Engineering, and Social Sciences have a tuition fee range of 13,000 CAD-35,000 CAD per year. MBA in Canada is one of the most-opted programs, and the tuition fee ranges between 35,000 CAD-100,000 CAD for one year. 

Cost of living for international students in Canada 

Basic expenses for living as an international student include housing, food, transportation and utilities. The living costs can also vary based on the area you choose to reside. For instance, the cost of living is higher in Toronto and Vancouver, ranging up to CAD 2,000 per month. In Montreal, Ottawa and Quebec it ranges between 800 CAD-1,500 CAD per month in.

Cost of living for international students in the US

The cost of living in the US ranges from 10,000 USD- 20,000 USD a year. Most of these expenses are accommodation, food, groceries, etc. The living costs also vary here based on the areas you choose to reside in such as IN San Diego it costs up to 2,303 USD/month, Baltimore, 1919 USD/month, etc. 

USA vs Canada: Other Essential Costs

Apart from the above listed costs, there are also other related expenses you need to incur when pursuing MS in USA or Canada such as:


Other Essential Costs Cost
Entrance Exams 13 CAD – 263 CAD
GIC 10,000 CAD
Application Fees 50 CAD- 200 CAD
Study Permit 150 CAD
Flight Tickets 1501 CAD to 3335 CAD
Health Insurance 600 CAD- 900 CAD


Other Essential Costs Cost
Entrance Exams 170 CAD-205 CAD
Counselling (optional) 340 CAD
Visa fee 160 USD
Flight tickets 675 USD
SEVIS fee 200 USD
Application Fee 60 USD

Canada and USA have always been a preferred destination to pursue any further education. When we compare both, Canada proves to be a cost-effective choice in terms of pursuing MS abroad. The country is widely recognised for its affordability in the education sector. While the costs are being aligned, this doesn’t disrupt the quality of education offered here. If you wish to learn more about MS in Canada head here.

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