Csgo Newbies Frequently Asked Questions

Many players will always have a lot of questions to answer when they first start playing csgo. The following will answer some popular questions about csgo in detail. I hope it can help you. If you want to know more about CSGO novice questions and answers, please Pay attention to , they will bring you the most complete game guide content.

Newbie FAQs

1. Being kicked out too many times in csgo rankings ?

Players who are kicked out in csgo will be deducted points, which will affect your rank . There are two situations of being kicked out . One is that teammates vote to kick out, and relatively few points are deducted. The other is being kicked out by the system. Will be kicked out by the system, such as long hang time, kill teammates at the beginning, etc.
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, so everyone should try to standardize the operation.

2. In csgo wear out over time ?

In csgo, no matter how long your skin is used, the skin wear will not fall off. When a player obtains a weapon skin , the skin wear is a fixed value and will not change with the use of time . Skin abrasion only describes the old and new state of the skin, and the degree of abrasion can only determine the quality of the skin ‘s appearance .
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3.How to set 144hz refresh rate in csgo?

You can directly change the refresh rate display to 144HZ in the computer’s control panel , or you can find csgo in your steam profile, click properties , you can see the setting startup options, after seeing the lock refresh rate , put freqXXX after The number can be changed to 144.

4.How to get ranking in csgo?

When a novice plays csgo for the first time, there is no ranking . To get the ranking, you must win 10 games . The ranking system will give experience points based on the player’s performance. After winning 10 games , you can get The corresponding rank is established. According to your rank, you can match opponents in the competitive mode, and step by step to advance in more and more difficult games, so that you can match teammates of different levels.

5.How to enable cheating in csgo?

You can start cheating by entering sv_cheats 1 in the console. You can use various cheating commands to complete various goals when cheating is turned on. However , when using cheating, players should control the number of times , otherwise they may be sanctioned by the system. 

6.To get skins in csgo?

Players can get skins by upgrading and dropping them , and various official competitions can also get skins. There is a chance to drop weapon boxes twice a week. After opening the weapon boxes , you can get weapon skins directly . Buy skins and even trade skins with other players.

7.Can I team up to play games in csgo?

When your level reaches level 5 , you can invite your friends to form a team for matching . When your friends agree to the invitation and enter the room , you can match other players to play together ! You can also choose from different game modes.


The above are the frequently asked questions for CSGO novice brought to you. I hope it can help you in the game. If you want to know more answers to csgo questions, you can visit, they will bring you The latest csgo information and detailed strategy articles.

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