Discover Statement Blouses For Special Occasions

Blouses are no longer meant just for sarees, as women are embracing fusion styles and silhouettes. The trend of mixing and matching pieces from different sets has taken over the internet. Millennials and Gen-Z have approved styling one piece in multiple ways and so do we! It’s sustainable and fuss-free, which is why you need statement blouses in your wardrobe ASAP to effortlessly style outfits that are sure to turn heads. From short or midi-length skirts to flared pants, a statement blouse will help you create chic outfits for every occasion.

Whether you’re styling a lehenga for a wedding or putting together a fusion look with your ripped jeans, adding statement blouses to your collection will help you look effortlessly gorgeous within minutes. From bold necklines to romantic sleeves, planning outfits for parties and events will never be a problem again (we promise). Furthermore, all these designs can be matched with traditional pieces as well as Western trousers and skirts.

Trendy Blouse Designs:

  1. Tassels: Blouses with tassels add a romantic and fun touch to any outfit. You can opt for long fringe tassels from the neckline to the waist for a flapper girl vibe that will move elegantly as you dance. To tone down the look, you can add tassel details on the hemline or sleeves.
  2. Knots And Bows: Tie-up details with statement bows at the centre back or the front waistline are among the top trends. You can also opt for thin ties that crisscross at the front and tie up in the back to add definition to your upper body.
  3. Sweetheart Neckline: A sweetheart neckline creates a heart shape at the bust, making your neck and torso look longer. They look most elegant with loose, off-the-shoulder sleeves, resembling royal gowns.
  4. Halter Neck: Halter neck blouses are great for pulling focus toward your arms and adding the illusion of broader shoulders. The style is also perfect if you want a sleeveless look without exposing the bust area.
  5. Pearls: Wear a blouse covered in pearls and no one will be able to take their eyes off you. Pearl-embellished white blouses look stunning with even simple white sarees. You can also wear them with fitted skirts for a mermaid aesthetic look.
  6. Heavy Embroidery: Ideal for weddings, blouses with heavy embroidery can be elevated with an equally heavy lehenga and sheer dupatta for a regal outfit. You can also dress it for haldi or mehendi ceremonies with a solid A-line skirt and a matching long jacket.
  7. Beaded: From metallic silver and gold orbs to clear colourful spheres, blouses with intricate beaded designs will make you look and feel ethereal. The delicate beaded blouses catch the light just enough to make you shimmer without going over the top for intimate gatherings and low-key events.
  8. Sheer: Make a bold statement with sensuous sheer blouses with a fitted inner lining that will flatter your body and allow you to show off your curves. Sheer blouses are also ideal for the summer as the light fabric will let your skin breathe.
  9. Bell Sleeves: Embody a fairy princess with whimsical bell sleeves that will move elegantly with your hands. As these sleeves cover most of your arm, adorn your fingers with rings and wrists with dainty bracelets to add bling instead of traditional bangles.
  10. Ruffles: If you love wearing sleeveless blouses but want to dress modestly for an event, opt for ruffles around the armband for the illusion of sleeves. This not only adds a refreshing silhouette but also adds volume to balance proportions.
  11. Sequins: From tiny discs to chunky glitter, sequined fabrics have been everywhere for the past few months and need no introduction. You can opt for sequined blouses with different clear, metallic, or iridescent finishes according to your preferences.
  12. Foil Print: Love the sequin style but not the bulk. Foil-printed fabrics add a similar shimmering feel without heavy glitters. They are a minimalist’s dream fabric for festive occasions.
  13. Shoulder Strap: Crop-top style blouses with shoulder straps are a dreamy combination with linen and cotton sarees for a youthful and classy look.
  14. Curved Hemline: The combination of a curved hemline and a V-neck creates a trendy blouse that is sultry and fashionable. You can opt for a curved hem with spaghetti straps for an added bold touch or opt for full sleeves for a classy look.
  15. Cape Sleeves: From floor-length to cape sleeves that reach the wrists, this is the ultimate option to get a cute and flowy look. From flowy chiffon sleeves to light embroidered shiny fabrics, cape sleeves are perfect if you love being the centre of attention by twirling around and gliding across the room.
  16. Corset: A fitted corset blouse with mesh sleeves and button details will help you look right out of a Victorian romance novel. The fitted bodice and puffy sleeves will add shape and help you achieve an hourglass silhouette.
  17. Rhinestones: The scattered rhinestone style is your cure to wear bedazzled blouses with sheer sarees that will truly make you shine.
  18. Woven Silk: Silk fibres woven with metallic thread create beautiful brocade and chanderi blouse styles that look royal and will beautifully accompany your Kanjeevaram sarees.
  19. Mirror Work: Mirrors fitted with colourful embroidery threads in floral shapes or abstract designs will add a glamorous touch to your blouses. Mirror Work adds a beautiful touch of Indian tradition and will match most outfits.
  20. Collar Blouses: Shirt-style collared blouses look smart and are suited to work events or formal wear cotton sarees. You can also opt for a mandarin collar for an interesting high neckline.


Statement blouses are a trendy and sustainable choice that will help you plan traditional as well as fusion outfits for several special occasions. If you’re building a collection, opt for colours like red, pink, green, yellow, and blue with gold or silver details that match traditional colour palettes, with versatile white and black options that will match most looks. These bold and romantic blouse designs will make sure you never have an ‘I don’t have anything to wear’ crisis. We hope you find the inspiration you need to turn heads at every event.

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