Fashion Tips Every Woman Should Know

Is your wardrobe overflowing with clothes without you knowing what to put? A look can easily be created for each season with a minimalist dressing room and a few well-chosen accessories and jewellery.

Would you like a fashion tip that can change the way you dress? Here are some fashion tips by Albeli that you should know before your next shopping trip.

Choose your clothes according to your morphology

Spotted an adorable dress, but when you try it on, the mirror image doesn’t match your look? Worse, your cabin neighbour wears it and it suits her perfectly. You hesitate and you buy it anyway, on principle! Error, the first fashion tip is to know your morphology and choose a suitable outfit. It doesn’t matter what suits other women.

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Highlight your strengths. If, for example, your waist is small, opt for pants or a dress that emphasizes it, but avoid strapless dresses that will make you look larger than you are. Test before you buy!

Invest in good pants

When in the morning you don’t know what to wear, do you tend to choose comfortable pants or a pair of jeans? It’s an excellent decision provided you select the pants that match all your looks. 

Second fashion tip is from owner of Anvisha Banarasi Saree Shop: this essential piece must be of high quality and well cut. As a reminder, pants or jeans have a hem that touches the top of the shoe and is no more than 1 inch off the ground.

Always try on pants before buying them. It must fit you perfectly and you must feel good in it, otherwise, you will never wear it. Click here to all about status anxiety

Better to invest more in a piece of clothing that is worn often than to invest in several lesser quality pieces that you will never wear.

Match the right colours

You don’t have to be a fashion expert to match the colours of your clothes. To avoid any style mistakes, the following fashion advice is to have basic pieces mainly in black, white, grey, beige, nude, etc.

Be careful to always choose shades that match your skin colour to highlight your complexion and act as a good-looking effect, especially in winter.

When you opt for very original colours, immediately think about how you will combine them once you have made your purchase.

If you lack ideas, the Internet is full of fashion photos that will bring you suggestions. On sites like Pinterest, or Instagram, you will find plenty of shopping ideas. If in doubt, you can even leave a comment to the editor with your question.

Opt for comfortable clothes

Between a good pair of sneakers and heels that make you suffer martyrdom, which will you wear most often?

This fashion advice applies to your entire wardrobe throughout your life: sweater, skirt, shirt, t-shirt, jacket, coat or dress, your clothes must be comfortable for you to want to wear them.

Comfortable does not rhyme with old-fashioned or ugly! Most of your outfits will be comfortable to wear but in line with current trends.

Choose the right stores

The shops where you buy your clothes must be in accordance with your age and your physical characteristics. If at 20, you can afford simpler and more economical dresses according to your means, after 35, you must favour more expensive and quality fabrics, with an adapted cut, to have a classy appearance and not that of a mature woman who still wants to dress like a 17-year-old girl.

It’s necessary to look for different stores to pick clothes matching your style. This will be beneficial in finding out the varieties, current trends, and different brands and exploring various types of dresses. This will save you your time and efforts the next time as you’ll know from where you’ve to shop for a particular type of dress. Visit, an online clothing store brand based on the principles of making all women feel beautiful no matter their age, shape, size, or style.

Calculate the true value of things

Every item of clothing in your wardrobe must be 100% amortized. The true value of an outfit can be found by calculating the ratio of the price of the outfit and the possible number of times you’re going to wear it. 

This will help you avoid impulse purchases and get used to just buying what you’re going to wear. This will also save you from expensive purchases. 

For example, a jacket is usually worn for 3-5 years, it is not worth saving on this item of clothing, it is better to put the price on it. 

Try different tops with pants and skirts

The main rule in your dressing room is different options that fit a skirt or pants. The top part is the one that makes it look like a new outfit. If you wear the same blouse, changing skirts and pants, it will give the impression of always being dressed the same way. 

But if you match your pants with other options, you’ll get a new outfit, you’ll really be dressed differently, and you won’t have to buy new bottoms to go with your new shirt.

Wear eco-responsible clothing

Eco-responsible clothing is all good because it is:

  • Eco-friendly
  • Good for your health
  • It of a kind and totally trendy
  • Durable and resistant

With this ultimate fashion tip, you’ll be perfect both in autumn and summer, for a work lunch or dinner, and you’ll feel good!

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