Fees on Vrbo

Fees are an inevitable part of using OTA’s like Vrbo and Airbnb. These fees are often not outrightly said and therefore end up causing some forms of confusion. Many sites will charge both the owner and the visitor separate fees. Vrbo is no different. So let’s dive into it and find out what fees Vrbo is truly charging you to list on their site. 

For Visitors 

People looking to book a vacation rental on Vrbo can expect to pay between 6-12% of the cost of the booking before taxes. 

For Owners

Owners have two separate structures they can choose. Depending on how many bookings you get on the platform one will make more sense then the other.
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Per-booking fee

Each time a visitor rents your property, Vrbo charges you that tiny fee. The fee is typically a 5% fee plus a 3% fee you are required to pay for the payment processor. That comes out to 8% for you to list your property on Vrbo

Annual Fee

The other option is being able to pay an annual fee as a subscription-based model. 

Listing your house will cost you $499 per year. Upon making a booking, any service charges would be applied to your account. This is a one-time, flat rate.

Which Vrbo owner fee option is the best?
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Listing your property comes with costs that are expected as a company like Vrbo needs to be profitable in order to survive.
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Going with the pay-per-booking option makes sense if you are not planning to be renting out your property all year long. As you will end up saving money. However, if you plan to rent out your place for the majority of the year then doing the subscription makes sense. 

Despite the Fees is it still Worth listing on Vrbo?

Yes, unequivocally. The primary reason it becomes so worthwhile is that Vrbo is owned by Expedia and with listing on Vrbo you are able to list on all of its affiliates’ sites as well. Sites like Kayak and Expedia will increase your visibility.  Make managing your Vrbo listing easier by using great property management software. This will also allow you to connect you more than just Vrbo seamlessly connecting you to other top sites like Airbnb and Only increasing your revenue. 

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