Good news from Lance for Khusanov fans

Our second representative in the top five of the championships, Abdukadir Khusanov, celebrated his debut at the French Championships. The 19-year-old forward started his fifth round match against Mesa in the starting lineup and spent 72 minutes on the field.

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In the same competition, in which the Lanks missed the chance by a small score, Abdukadir Khusanov was recognized as the team’s best player, and the attention of fans and experts was again turned to him. Thus, our young legionary passed the first test.

Coverage of Lance’s activities website reported that head coach Frank Hayes will again release the Uzbek player from the first minutes in the upcoming game with Lille.
The source said that Abdukadir Khusanov will take the place of Jonathan Gradit, who will not be able to help the team due to disqualification.

In a match against Mes, the player who shoots primarily from the left flank must ensure that the goal is scored from the right flank of the defense.

– For Abukodir this task is even easier, because he is a ten-man player and with his capabilities it is much more convenient to play in this position. However, Khusanov proved that he can play on the left flank. He is a versatile defender who can play anywhere in the defense.

I remembered Facundo Medina when they showed me Abdukadir’s rhythm. Besides, he was very young. However, Khusanov has shown that he can play at a mature level. His lack of knowledge of the language is a minor difficulty. But he has a translator who accompanies him every day. The performance that Khusanov shows on the field is amazing,” said head coach Frank Hayes.
Abdukadir Khusanov cannot pronounce the necessary words either in French or even in English. The team’s head coach said that this did not stop him from adapting to the team.

When a player interacts closely with his teammates, sometimes it becomes unnecessary to know the language. Abdukadir learned the basics of the words used by defense attorneys. We will use an interpreter when explaining tasks before the match and during the game,” said Frank Hayes.
The main goalkeeper and captain of Lens, Brice Samba, also expressed a very warm opinion about Abdukadir Khusanov.

– We cannot speak the same language. But Abdukadir is a smart guy and is trying to learn French. He mastered the basic phrases. We use the language of football to explain one of us.
Khusanov is a mature player for his age, his skill surprised me. He has a bright future, he’s very strong and he’s great on the ball. Abdukadir has everything a modern defender needs,” said Brice Samba.
The meeting between Lens and Lille took place on October 8 at 20:05 Tashkent time.

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