Grapeswap – A Blockchain and BSC network

The single token stack and liquidity pool are intended to encourage users to withdraw their tokens in exchange for metaverse Grapeswap tokens. Accepting tokens and settling to gain grape tokens is a straightforward technique for stacking a single token. The rewards are retained in the wallet and tokens can be withdrawn at any time.
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Stocking/cultivation (pool)

Two BEP-20 tokens make up each liquidity pool, with the BEP-20 LP serving as proof of ownership. Users that swap on GrapeSwap or PancakeSwap through their liquidity pools will pay swap fees to pool token holders. If the price of the tokens deviates from their initial value, the LP will suffer an irrevocable loss; while comparing fees and projected share of revenue, bear this in mind before opting to participate in the liquidity pool. 

The calculator works with both lump money and LP tokens. The income is computed and distributed. The calculator, on the other hand, estimates daily, monthly, and yearly prizes.

Pool of Flow

Pools function on networks that are part of the smart contract. Each pool representing a pair of tokens is linked to each smart contract in each network, which analyzes how to optimize income and puts constraints on investments and withdrawals depending on Grapenopoly.

The stages from chain setup through pooling flow phases to full user profit calculation are depicted in the diagram below. Annual interest rates can be calculated using either a percentage of ownership (% of shares) or an amount of shareholding.

Agreement on an equity stake

If your Grape share represents a proportion of a larger number of shares then the value of your shares will be shared with other users’ shares. You will receive a token for each percentage stake of your shares (such as a grape).

Participation Mode Size

Each EPS will be calculated using your own equity, which is separate from other consumer stocks. You will receive a second incentive in the form of tokens for each unit of exchange tokens. Percentage and Sum Mode Earnings Per Share Examples;

Let’s pretend you’re a shareholder in the following stock:

$0.Per second, 00001 percent equity revenue is generated. This implies that for every 1% of your shares, you will receive a $0.00001 token payout. To put it another way, if you hit 10%, you will earn $0.0001 every second, and if you reach 100%, you will receive $0.001 per second.

  • 1% equity is $0.00001 per second
  • $0.00001 in earnings per second per share
  • You will earn a token payout of $0.00001 for each unit of tokens piled every second.
  • $0.00001 per second Equals 1 share $0.0000005 per second Equals 0.5 shares $0.0001 per second Equals 10 shares

This strategy is used to ensure that awards and free equity contributions are consistent.


As we know BSC (Binance Smart Chain) is a blockchain network and grapeswap is one of them. Which offers many benefits to their holders. Besides this, it is a NFT gamefi platform where you can also earn money by playing games.
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So, what are you waiting for to become a grapeswap holder.

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