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Hariharan Whole life and career in a short view:-
One of the classic and amazing legend of the Indian music industry who is now often considered as the master of the industry and he is now one of those senior singers of the industry who got the title of living legend for their contribution to the music. This man “Hariharan” was born in and grew up in Mumbai in a “Tamil Iyer family”. He gained bachelor degrees in science and law. He is preety much fluent in speaking in Tamil, Hindi, Malayalam, and English. He did his collegiate studies from “S.I.E.S. College”. He is the son of well famed Carnatic vocalists “Shrimati Alamelu”, very expectedly he inherited his parents musical talents. “Alamelu” was Hariharan’s first guru. By whom, he picked up Carnatic music skills. He was also exposed to Hindustani music from a young age. In the early of his age, he was inspired by the songs of legendary “Mehdi Hassan”, “Hariharan” developed a passion for ghazals and started training in Hindustani music from “Ustad Ghulam Mustafa Khan”.This is somehow astonishing that, he used to put in thirteen hours to singing practice in each day.

Hariharan Awards

This has a versatile quality over the music and there are hardly part of the music industry in which he don’t put his steps. Now we should enter into the career to take a look what contribution he played for the music industry.
Lets take a look first on the names of the awards and later we will see the names of some of the famous songs of this man.
So here are the names of the awards and this is better expose that, these only are the major and prestigious awards only:

Civilian Awards:
– Padma Shri in 2004

National Film Awards:
– “National Film Award for Best Male Playback Singer” for the song “Mere Dushman” and the film was “Border” in the year of 1998.
– “National Film Award for Best Male Playback Singer” and song was “Jeev Dangla Gungla Rangla” from the film “Jogwa” in the time of 2009.

Kerala State Film Awards:
– “Kerala State Film Award for Best Singer” for the song “Pattu Paaduvaan” from the film “Pattinte Palazhi” music by “Dr. Suresh Manimala”

Swaralaya-Kairali-Yesudas Award:
– For his excellent contribution to Indian film music and the time was 2004.

Tamil Nadu State Film Awards:
– “Best Male Playback Singer” for singing excellently in various films.

Nandi Awards:
– “Best Male Playback Singer” of 1999 for the song “Hima Semalloyallo” and the film was “Annayya”

Asianet Film Awards:
– “Best Male Playback Singer” for the song “Amrithamayi” from the film “Snehaveedu”
– “Best Male Playback Singer” songwas “Aaro Padunnu” ans the filom was “Katha Thudarunnu”

Kalakar Awards:
– Best Male Playback Singer of 2000

Filmfare Awards South:
– “Best Male Playback Singer” of 2011 for the song “Aaro Padunnu” and the movie was “Katha Thudarunnu”

Vijay Awards:
– “Best Male Playback Singer” for the song “Nenjukkul Peithidium” from the movie “Vaaranam Aaiyram”

There are so many awards and achievement he has but these are the mostly known and prestigious for all the person of this line. When we are talking about the career of “Hariharan” then we should take a slight look on the names of some famous songs from the starting his career. At the same time, as we know that he is one of the senior personality of the music industry, he has a long term of career and huge collection of the songs:

Hariharan Track List::

Song Name Links
Nee Barada Haadiyane Download
Khanditha Ninna Download
Aarada Ondu Gaya Download
Summaniradene Sadhu Download
Vayasu Bandide Download
Ravivarmana Download
Akashakke Chappara Download
Dhaare Jala Dhaare Download
Ningiloni Chandhamama Download
Baachiko Baachiko Download
Hridayava Ake Download
Ideyaa Maathu Download
Punaha Punaha Download
Ee Tampu Gaali Download
Sarasake Baaro Download
Kumbara Madike Download
Chuku Buku Railu Download
Bhalo Bhashi Bengalili Download
Idu Vaavudu Vaavudu Download
Nanna Kanase Download
Nanna Preethi Roja Download
Koghile Gu Download
Jeeva Midiyutide Download
Ee Preethi Ontara Download
Bhadra Sheela Download
Megha Megha Download
Tananana Nananaa Download
Preethi Solode Download
E Mayinaaa Download
Chellu Chellu Download
Hagaluntu Suryanige Download
Thangaali Ellinda Download
Meghakke Megha Download
Kuhu Kuhu Kogile Download
Idena Prema Download
Olavu Shruvaythu Download
Dayanatha Vinayaha Download
Gombe Gombe Download
Soldier Soldier Download
Bharathappa Namma Download
Oho Channe Channe Download
Kadalo Kadalo Download
Hello Ondu Phonu Download
Karunaadina Download
Premave Premave Download
Nee Yaarele Download
Cheluvinoora Chendagaati Download
Nee Hinde Bandaga Download
Neenu Nannavanu Download
Nanna Preethiya Download
Sai Sai Sai Preeth Sai Download
Naaga Naagi Download

These are all for now and in the last of this article it is better to uphold a line that if you are looking for more information then you better take your search further on the online source. This we can say somehow the baic idea about “Hariharan”. Meanwhile, there is nothing wrong to be fan of this man and we can predict that there are so many die hard fan of this classic all rounding singer and many of them wait for a long time to get the latest songs of this man. Although, in the recent time he keep himself busy with so many creative things like reality show or something a like.
No matter what way he came to the industry but the matter is, he gain the hearts of the music fans world wide and he took him such a place that the music fans can hardly forget this man. We can say this man that he is one of those who help the industry to take it in the different level and he is the inspiration of so many young singer of this time.
In the last, as he is still active in the industry so we can say that, somehow we are going to have some thing new from him.

*** Hariharan Social Page – Facebook, Twitter

*** Hariharan Official Website – singerhariharan.com

*** Hariharan – Wikipedia

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